Everything You Need To Know To Select An Appropriate Eye Examination

Many doctors feel that the skills that are possessed by them for assessing different types of conditions related to an eye are either very limited or not adequate. While on the other side, some doctors might end up feeling that the absence of a slit lamp in many of the surgeries related to primary care means that the conditions falling beyond the ordinary scope of the conjunctiva can possibly or hardly show an inability to get accessed at a certain point of time. It is false.

Whilst many of the conditions related to an eye require a slit-lamp examination or dilation, a history that is considered to take ocular complaints has been discovered to share similarities when they are taken with several other problems. Eye examination singapore can be, therefore, considered to be straightforward if a person knows in his mind as to what he wishes to have or is in search for. The primary function of an eye can be easily assessed with desktop tools.

Selection of an appropriate examination 

Not every examination is performed on every single patient, they should instead be based on the possible diagnoses, history, and the signs that you must be looking for. Eye examination involves both functional evaluation and anatomical examination. Both are considered to be possible in primary care although certain conditions cannot be excluded in the absence of recourse to secondary care equipment such as tonometers or slit lamps.

Visual acuity testing should always be done in case of any eye assessment. This is important because even if the patient does not report any alteration, it might be present. Some suggestions for the minimum amount of necessary examination in various complaints include the following:

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  • Red or painful eye

The lids, conjunctiva, lacrimal system, anterior chamber, and pupils are to be efficiently examined, and the patient might require intraocular pressure measurement or slit-lamp examination

  • Foreign body

The conjunctiva, cornea, and everted lids require a close examination, with utmost attention to the iris’s edge where spotting specks can be a difficult task. This generally means the review is secondary care with the availability of an X-ray and slit lamp.

  • Reduced vision 

An eye examination must cover the complete refractory or visual axis, ranging from the fundus to cornea, along with the functional testing of the macula, pupils, and optic nerve. If visual loss is detected or stated or there exists certain neurological symptoms, visual fields are required to be checked.


Although the functional ones are directed with the presence of history and anatomical examination, without the presence of a physical eye examination singapore, one is required to carry out all the tests, practice helps to boost confidence.