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Yoga has become very popular worldwide now; it is practised by people of every age and gender. Being a beginner in yoga comes with a lot of challenges, you are not familiar with any of the yoga asana or their names in English or Sanskrit. There are some poses which you must begin with while starting your journey as a yogi. Yoga improves your physical flexibility and mental calmness. Apart from this yoga helps your body to get rid of several diseases organically. There is almost many yoga asana to be practised by the beginners. Yoga school Singaporewill guide you the best way.

Some asanas by Yoga school singapore 


Tadasana also is known as mountain pose in English is the basic level of yoga. The word tada denotes mountain, in this asana the person is asked to stand like a mountain, upright and straight. While starting the journey as a yogi, the first thing you must have in mind is the ability to stay focused and concentrated. No matter how big the hurdles are, you have to be determined and focus towards your goal. This is all this asana is about.

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In this asana, you need to stand straight with your legs just slightly apart from each other. Now spread your feet evenly on the two sides in such a way that it balances the entire weight of your body. Now do this step repeatedly and while doing this, inhale and exhale. While inhaling, the torso has to be elongated, and relax when exhaling.


Vrikshasana also is known as the tree pose is done to strengthen your body majorly legs and back. You just have to copy the tree in this. To carry out this asana, you have to put your right foot in a triangular fashion on your left foot. Now move your arms high up in the air and join them thereby making a Namaste in the air. When moving the arm in the air, you need to inhale and then slowly exhale while bringing the arms and legs back to the initial position. Vrikshasana is done to increase your level of balancing.


Popular as the triangle pose, trikonasana is done to improve the flexibility of the body. It ensures the body to stretch more and make the body parts flexible. In this asana, you need to stretch your leg and torso ensuring full flexibility and maintaining a balanced position.