Losing your Hair

If there is one thing that will stop a woman in her tracks, it is hair loss. This arch enemy can show up at any time, and aside from the hereditary condition called alopecia, there are other causes of female hair loss. In some cases, pregnancy can cause temporary hair loss, and this is connected to hormone levels, which can become unbalanced in some pregnant women. Stress and anxiety is another potential cause of hair loss, and this is usually temporary, with normal growth returning when the stress is no longer present.

Treatment Options

There is a pioneering hair restoration clinic named Hair Solved, and they offer a non-invasive treatment that uses human hair extensions to carefully conceal the hair loss. The hair extensions are weaved into the existing hair by experts, and the finished job leaves you with a full head of healthy looking, natural hair. Whether you have patchy or total hair loss, this system effectively leaves you with a full head of hair, and for total baldness, a special fine mesh is attached to the scalp with surgical tape. This forms the foundation for the human hair extensions, which are carefully selected to match colour and texture, and over a period of a few hours, the extensions are carefully woven into the mesh.

Losing your Hair

Regain your Self-Confidence

For the fashion conscious female of today, hair loss can deal a devastating blow to the self-confidence, but with a solution that allows you to lead an active lifestyle, which includes washing and conditioning your hair as normal. The treatment typically lasts for around 3 months, after which, you would have to make an appointment for an adjustment session, and the same hair extensions can be used again, which keeps the price down. Even if you like to play sports or scuba dive, the extensions will always remain in place, and this gives a woman added confidence that her hair will always look natural.

Professional Styling

Once the hair extensions have been attached, the professional stylist would then work on your hair, according to the agreed style, and from that moment on, hair loss is no longer an issue, and no one would even know that you suffer from this condition. There are clinics in most major UK cities, and with a strong online presence, it is easy to locate your nearest clinic. Then you can make an initial appointment and the experts can assess your condition and recommend the best treatment.

Durable and Long Lasting

The human hair extensions will look and feel like your own hair, and you are not restricted in any way, and after a few months, adjustments can be made and you can continue as before. The same extensions can be reused, or alternatively, you could select a different shade.

Hair loss no longer needs to be the cause of stress and anxiety in a woman, and with non-invasive hair extensions, a full head of healthy hair is now possible, regardless of the stage of hair loss.