Balding can make you look like an old man or woman. Therefore, it is best to prevent this possibility as much as you can. But, there are instances like you are not aware of it or simply out of your mind until it suddenly appears. What is the right thing to do and what is the best solution for it?

Hair loss or balding has been a usual condition that is commonly experienced by men and women. The emergence of hair loss treatment products turned out as the first solution to this problem, but it is temporary or needs continuous usage. Why not look for the best answer to your balding problem?

Skyclinic offers the safest and most effective hair loss treatment called hair transplantation. It is performed by a hair transplant specialist, who specializes in the field of treating hair loss through a surgical procedure. Yes, hair transplantation is a surgical procedure performed in the medical clinic, safely and painlessly.

The hair transplantation procedure

The surgical procedure is performed by a hair transplant specialist. The hair transplantation procedure is done carefully, in which hair follicles are taken from a particular part of the body. These hair follicles will be inserted onto the scalp that will serve as the root for new hair growth. The process is easy but needs a professional to do it.

Hair transplants really work. It is typically more successful compared to over-the-counter hair restoration products. The transplanted hair will be fully grown like how the regular hair on the scalp grows. The transplanted hair will become thin once you get old like the regular hair.

However, some people with dormant hair follicles will experience less effective transplants. Still, there are no results of the study on how it can be explained. Many have suggested plasma therapy, yet many people choose to take hair transplantation because it is very natural. The hair follicles will be taken onto a body part, which is yours as well.  How much does it cost?

Hair transplants are done in sessions. Thus, it is expected that you must note a total costing. You will have the final costs that will be a good expense. The final costs will depend on the following:

  • Availability of the specialists
  • Transplant procedure extent
  • Specialists experience
  • Chosen surgical technique

Two hair transplant methods

A hair transplant will take hair from your body part and transfer it to the area where it is balding, such as the scalp. The process is usually taken from the back of the head. However, some other body parts are also possible. The hair transplant takes an anesthetic procedure for the area where hair follicles will be taken to get numb. You may request sedation to keep you asleep during the procedure.

There are two hair transplant methods, namely:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

These are the two different transplant methods that will take during the procedure. A client will undergo these methods to complete the hair transplantation. The procedure is safe and guaranteed to be performed by a specialist.