Gone are those days when nearly everyone has had to work manually and indulge in various labour-related works. Today, with the advancement in technology, work can be done from anywhere and anytime you want. While this has been a blessing, there are some downsides to it. It means that you have to sit in front of screens all the time, which can put a strain on your back muscles, neck, and shoulder muscles. The pain can be severe and lead to worse health conditions if not taken care of at the time. A neck and shoulder massager can give you relief from this problem.

Pandemic and its effect on health

From the past year, there has been an environment of fear and havoc. The pandemic has taken a firm grip over the life of all the people around the world and affected everyone in some way or the other. With strict lockdown, people were locked inside their homes to avoid contacting the deadly virus. While this has been helpful, it also had adverse effects on health in various ways.

Physical exercises were reduced to zero, which made the body stiff and unfit. At times like this, for regular exercise, an exercise bike came in very handy. And not only during the pandemic but also, it canalways bes used if you haven’t got time to join a gym or to go for a long run. With an exercise bike, the body experienced movements and stretching that made the stiff muscles normal.

AI smart bikes are the way to go if you are a fitness enthusiast and better your health. It provides you with features like nowhere else, and you can exercise regularly from the comfort of your home. The bike provides you with a personalised level of difficulty after analysing your limit using Functional Threshold Power (FTP). You can subscribe to the AI gym app for better outcomes and seeing your performance. There are a lot of fitness courses available from which you can learn.

Neck and back pain took a toll on the health, mainly during the pandemic because of the lower quality of life. It is important to take care of all the parts of the body. A neck massage can be a source of relief. You can get a spa-like massage at home with the help of a neck and shoulder massager. It helps you to get rid of all the fatigue, stress and relieve the strained muscles. Various models of massagers are available in the marketplace focusing on the target areas.

Relieve your body muscles with a high-quality remote control massager and treat your body the right way.