eye surgery Hong Kong

In Hong Kong the clarity eye and surgery centre which is established in the year 2005, successfully running and is doing many ophthalmic surgeries for patients around. For a human being along with all healthy parts of body healthy eye sight is most important thing. Keeping in mind we the eye surgery centre provide various services to the citizens around Hong Kong and continue its services along with it gives an opportunity for ophthalmologists to provide their services. This centre is help full for replacing the problem eye to a normal eye.

Treatment options for cataract eye

In the clarity eye centre and surgery centre they provide wide range of services to the people of Hong king from minor laser surgeries like chalizon to eye lid conversion lash inversion and other major treatments like cataract, glaucoma in diabetic patients etc., . There is a comprehensive way of creating the patients here and that leads to target of keeping healthy life and healthy eye.

The top priority of this centre is to provide smooth https://eyesurgery.claritymedic.com/en/services/eye-surgery/ experience for patients, as eyes are the most delicate parts of body.. This centre is designed with various technical ophthalmic instruments, designed for the testing of eye and various laser tools used for eye treatment.

There are ophthalmologists, optometrists who are well trained professionals present in the clarity eye and surgery centre.

There is a team support of the institute helps the normal people to get aware of the eye relayed treatments, consultations etc.

eye surgery Hong Kong


Cataract means the normal and clarity eye is clouded with cataract surgery price deposit, this is a very rare problem among many people. Most often cataract occurs in old age people, if the cataract increases and they doesn’t go to surgery then it will lead to loss of vision completely.

Here in the clarity eye and surgery centre well trained professional doctors check the patients in comprehensive manner. In the case of cataract the treatment is final option for replacing the clarified vision. The people with cataract see everything blurred and clouded. As the part of cataract surgery the doctor will remove the clouded, blurred lens affected due to cataract and replaces them with artificial intra ocular lens.


There are many treatments and surgeries for cataract, initial stages doctor prescribes with eye drops and suggest the patients to wait till the cataract is completely formed so that it will be perfectly removed, till that time patients must maintain the sight among many treatments phacoemulsification is one.

By using microscope lens the doctor will emulsify the effected lens into small pieces, later cleans everything, then he removes them out. Then in later step the doctor injects new intraocular lens which is foldable into the eye.