A combination of changes in behaviour, which include eating, physical activity, prescribed medicines which may help some to lose weight. On an average, people who will take prescribed medicines as a part of lifestyle program will lose the weight between 3 to 9 percent and more of starting body weight to the people in lifestyle program won’t take medication. As research shows that some people who are taking prescribed weight loss medicines will lose 10 percent or more from their starting weight. As results may vary by medicines and also by human body and one such is clenbuterol which available tin online market as many people will not know where to buy clenbuterol they would be waiting for the correct help as we know this would be the correct medication which would help in losing weight easily and fast.

Pros and Cons of using medicines to lose the weight:

  1. By now we got a basic idea about how to lose the weight by using the medications and now we shall learn about few advantages and disadvantages of using the medicines for losing the weight.
  2. Weight loss from 5 to 10 percent of starting body weight may help in improving our health by levelling the blood sugar, blood pressure, and also triglycerides.
  3. By losing weight our health condition also gets improved and some health problems that are related to overweight, obesity might reduce and also many ailments like joint pain, and insomnia problems would be solved as we would have enough amounts of physical activity which is done.
  4. Most of weight loss happens only in initial 6 months from starting of medication.
  5. In some cases of weight lose there are side effects which are bagged along with the prescribed medicines for treating overweight, obesity which may rule out the benefits.
  6. Due to this reason, we should not take weight loss medicines solely to improve the outlook. As in the past, few weight loss medicines were related and linked to serious health issues.
  1. We need to follow our doctor instructions when planning about weight loss medicines and buy the medicines from pharmacy or ecommerce that is approved by the doctor. however, taking these weight loss medicines would support in our healthy eating and healthy physical activity
  2. But there are few the side effects and warnings we need to read them before  taking any medicines.


However, this is purely a personal decision on taking the deciding of weight lose medication which purely relies on doctors and the person who takes the medicine.