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Pilates is a low-impact, mat-based exercise that focuses on the body’s core muscles. Pilates helps release tension and tension in your body to make it easier for you to breathe and move freely. However, should you decide to take up a pilates group class hong kong with any skill instructor, you should know a few things before your first session that will make it easier for everyone involved.


First and foremost: Pilates is not intended as an exercise program to replace more explicit forms of workout like weight training or cardio; they are instead used as a complementary program. Pilates is a mind-body exercise, which means you need to be mentally engaged and physically. Your instructor will help guide you and push you when necessary, but the class won’t be practical if you don’t pay attention or follow along.


Pilates is also not a “no pain, no gain” type of workout. Pilates instructors are trained to work with beginners and those who are more advanced (like yourself) using “props” such as the Pilates machine and stretching bands to ensure that the exercises performed in class are modified appropriately for the participants.

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Above all, if you’re new to Pilates and don’t have much experience with exercise, remember that it’s okay to ask questions. You can approach your instructor during a break or after class to ask her questions about the exercises. The goal of the class is not just to learn the exercises, but also to engender a sense of community among those taking part in the class, so your question is likely not only appropriate but welcomed.


Five things make Pilates different from other exercise programs. Your instructor will probably go into great detail on each of these points during the class, but it’s important to know what they are going into the class so you can understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.


There are many different types of Pilates techniques, but the three main types are mat-based exercises, resistance-based exercises, and center-based exercises. Mat exercises generally involve a lot of stretching and focus on balancing, strengthening the core muscles, and improving flexibility. The Pilates machine is the most commonly used tool for resistance training, and it’s generally used to improve flexibility as well as strength. The Cadillac or chair exercise is another mat exercise that involves an apparatus that you sit in to improve posture and strengthen your upper body while sitting down.


In addition to practicing mat exercises, you’ll also use the Pilates machine and either resistance bands or suspension bands in the center-based exercises. The Pilates center is a pilates reformer or bucket seat that you sit on, which gives you a feeling of pushing down into your abs with the seat. In other words, it’s an exercise that reinforces your core muscles and upper body. The last exercise technique is called the “establishing” move. It’s a combination movement that includes a twisting motion in your lower back and twisting while you press out of a plank position (think of doing biceps curls while lying on your stomach).