Supplements are the primary drugs used by fitness enthusiasts and those who constantly work out to achieve their body goals. Most of these people are weightlifters, bodybuilders, or athletes. But some people will attest that these are not enough, even with hard training and a strict diet. So they will incorporate the use of anabolic steroids to speed up the process and get faster results. Even though it’s illegal in many countries, numerous individuals continue to use it. And you can buy steroids USA when you visit site called Wave Sense.

If you plan on using anabolic steroids to achieve your dream body, you’ll need to plan it carefully. Anabolic steroids cause side effects, sometimes adverse, due to misuse. So if you want to know the four different ways you can use anabolic steroids as safely as you can, read on below. It will help you get the body you want without suffering too much from the harmful effects.


The most common way you can safely use anabolic steroids is through cycling. It refers to using multiple doses of anabolic steroids in a specific period of time. After that, you stop for a period and then start the cycle again. The most common cycle is the six to 12-week cycle known as the “on” period. Then stopping for a few weeks to a few months, known as the “off” period. The “off” period will give your body time to recuperate from steroid use.

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Stacking is a common way to use steroids, but many steroid users often misuse it. It refers to combining different types of anabolic steroids. Or you can add more supplements to try and maximize the effectiveness of the steroids. Users can use a mix of oral and injectable steroids. They are sometimes going as far as using compounds designed for veterinary use. It can be dangerous, especially if the users take these in higher doses. They think that it can heighten the effectiveness of each drug individually. But there’s no known scientific study about it.


Another common misuse of steroids is pyramiding, where the user will take multiple doses of anabolic steroids in a cycle of six to 12 weeks. But instead of stopping abruptly, they taper the doses down. But they need to take a small quantity until they reach the highest or the peak, then gradually decrease the amount again. After the first cycle, it’s often followed by a second cycle where they start with a small dose again and progressively increase it. Once they reach the highest dose, they gradually decrease it until they reach zero.


Another way to use steroids is through plateauing, but it’s not that common. In this method, people use steroids staggered and substituted by another type of steroid to avoid intolerance. Not a lot of steroid users use this method. More than often, steroid users choose cycling or stacking.