slimming treatments after birth

A woman’s body undergoes mental and biological trauma during pregnancy and even after that. Pregnancy is not even an easy phase for women; the body starts preparing inside out to receive the new life. The skin stretches more than its ordinary course, producing stretch marks throughout the body. Women’s weight during this course is not easy to lose and regain the old shape. Post-partum body changes are a necessary yet complex process.

What is post-partum, and how do you get back in shape

The period after parturition, i.e., the baby is expelled from the body, is known as parturition. A woman’s body gets out of shape, the belly protrudes out, the skin stretches to accommodate the baby, and the skin becomes lost and shrunk after pregnancy. How quickly one returns to the old shape depends on several factors, including body weight, genetic factors, body metabolism, and daily regime. Many slimming treatments after birth help you regain the old you.

slimming treatments after birth

Your key to postpartum beauty is here

Our tailored and curated slimming treatments are made after understanding your body type. Understanding the body before practicing any exercise or slimming treatment is essential because everybody is unique and has its metabolism and fat reduction rate. Not all treatments are meant for everyone.

Here is our suggestion to you

Finding your belly protruded is mentally regarding and leads to low confidence. After a baby, finding time for oneself is also not possible, given so much responsibility on your shoulders. Therefore, we bring you some easy-to-follow hacks at home for postpartum slimming treatments.

  • Exercise- Everyday exercising is essential to tone your lost skin and bring it back in shape. After parturition, the shrunken and wrinkled skin needs not to be tightened. Otherwise, it looks messy and unmanageable. Start with moderate exercise to ensure you do not put extra pressure on the stitches, and then advance to an intense workout.
  • Nutrition- Taking proper and balanced nutrition is essential for mother and baby. Ensure lukewarm drinking water and eating meals that keep you warm help skin slowly gain tightness and luster. Use protein-packed meal for good built-up.
  • Collagen intake- Collagen is an essential protein that makes skin tight and firm. During pregnancy, collagen level goes down, leading to wrinkled skin. Therefore, now that you want to regain the old texture, taking collagen-rich supplements is a must in your daily diet.

We believe that beauty is more than body deep and that every phase of your life needs care and nourishment. Therefore, avail our packages and learn the healthy regime to keep you fit and glowing every day.