Getting rid of any kind of addiction is quite tedious and it can not be easily done. Many people like to believe that there is no such thing that they can not excel in, and while they may be true at some point, there are some times when they are just being overconfident, and there are a few problems that even they can not find the solution to. It’s Nothing to be ashamed of, it is just the way things work. No one in the world knows the answer to every question or the solution to every problem. Some thighs are unknown, and they would stay that way forever. But there are also some things that many of us end up doing under peer pressure which is the wrong choice to make. We must not torture ourselves, and we should do everything that we can to stop ourselves from doing the wrong thing even when we know that it is not what we want to do.

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Teenagers go to college to learn new things and gain more knowledge, but sometimes they end up earning more about the wrong things that they should’ve stayed away from from the start. We think that addiction is not that serious and many people take it lightly as if it means nothing but a person who has been addicted to a certain substance before would know that it is never easy to get rid of it, and if there is an addiction that you need to get rid of, it will require a lot of willpower and self-control which are the two things that not everyone has mastered till now. These two things mean everything in terms of letting go of a bad addiction, and addiction could be of a lot of different substances.

Tobacco addiction:

Too much of any substance is never good, and too much tobacco is also never going to do you any good. The worst part is that even though people already know these subjects, they still choose a path that they know they are going to regret. They make horrible choices instead of good choices and then end up dealing with the consequences of their actions. If you want to try getting rid of your tobacco addiction, you could try mint nicotine pouches or tobacco free pouches with nicotine which won’t harm you as much as tobacco so you would be taking baby steps towards your recovery.