How Durable is Podiatry? Is It Relevant?

Are you looking for a podiatry clinic singapore? If yes, then this article is going to discuss choosing podiatry over pedicures. Continue reading to learn more! A pedicure seems considerably distinct from getting your feet treated by a podiatrist. In actuality, a pedicurist will only be permitted to file away some of the rough or hard flesh on your feet and clip your cuticles. There are many other causes you might prefer a podiatry procedure to something like a pedicure, though for some individuals it might be everything they require.

Why choose Podiatry?

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  • A podiatrist has completed a 3- to 4-year degree scheme and is qualified to handle almost any foot issue you may have.
  • The federal criteria for preventing infection are followed by podiatrists. There seems to be no danger of client-to-client contamination because the tools are heat treated to guarantee they are entirely clean.
  • The outcome is considerably better and lasts much longer because podiatrists get the tools and expertise to eliminate any stalks, calluses, or dry patches you may have.
  • You could be confident that your toenails would be cut by a podiatrist in such a method that is best for your nail kind and prevents ingrown nails throughout the future since they have expertise and understanding in dealing with toenails of any forms, widths, and densities.
  • Podiatrists are qualified to identify the possible foot concerns you might have that you’re not conscious of and assist you in treating them.
  • The finest advice for your continuing foot care, including the greatest sorts of shoes for you or which foot lotions to use, may be found from a podiatrist.

What are some tips to keep in mind?

Although the infrequent application of nail polish seems unlikely to cause too much damage to your fingertips, this is not suggested to do so frequently. The polish somewhat on the nail blocks oxygen from entering the fingernail, which may cause the inner layer to deteriorate. White spots or discoloration of such nail beds are two common symptoms of this. It is never suggested to be using nail paint on nails that have a skin disease since it creates a great habitat for fungi to flourish.


To guarantee that your toenails are cut across while clipping your nails, use a nail trimmer with a sharp razor. Due to their compact, circular shape, other equipments like manicure shears or nail cutters raise the possibility of hangnails and the best thing is to go for podiatry.