Hair Removal By Laser Treatment

The process of hair removal means deliberation, which means the hair is deliberated from the body through particular procedure. There are several human laser hair removal services in Singapore practices done in all the cultures. This has been started since the ages of netholic era. There are various methods in hair removal but all are practiced with various procedures, among all the most common method is shaving. The hair growth occurs due to many reasons that may be genetically variations or use of particular medications like steroids in large doses.

Musee And Its Services

 As we all know the hair growth is common as we all are mammals who give birth to human. But in few people comparatively to normal growth there will be high amount of growth so for those along with normal ones the hair removal is recommended. There are some more factors where there will be high growth of hair like if few ladies will have PCOD syndromes etc. Then they will have unwanted hair growth on chin and on sternum such cases they want to remove their over growth. Musee is one of the best hair removal clinic where there are pain less treatments which are done so gently to this a beam of laser light is projected on to skin and this light us absorbed by the body hair, through this the heat of the laser light beam is taken by the hair stem cells and follicles start to loss their strength.

The Laser light disables the follicles and for few people there will be stain that cones on that area, but later on it will get the consultation is free in musee there will be few appointments for which we need to attend, there at the first appointment it may take approximately half an hour for the treatment. There is special hair treatment called as S, S, C treatment where a gel is applied on to area and light passed on to it for activation. There are few treatments like shaving, plucking is few normal ways how we remove our hair at home. Then we get a lot of pain, but by this SSC treatment there will be pain less and in fact the skin starts to become smooth during this process.

Hair Removal By Laser Treatment

Step 1

We need to consult to doctor and should know about our type of skin and hair whether it is fine or coarse. In consultation they will give you plans for removal and they will suggest you to decide accordingly. Once after everything got discussed the treatment starts and you will be given a room at your own comfort.

Step 2

After the customer is adjusted on room there will be optimal hair removal light focused on the body at area of requirement. The amount of light projected on to the body is based on the texture of your body and hair thickness.

Step 3

A formulated gel is applied on to the light projected area.

Step 4

The customer is given with goggles for preventing effect to light. After every step is finished within two weeks all the hair starts to fall off.