Wheelchair is a great advantage for people who cannot walk. Some people might be disabled by birth, some might unfortunately become disabled. They will feel so backward and depressed. One of the most important reasons for this will be their disability to do things independently. Wheelchairs give them great confidence and make them feel completely free. This feeling is due to the sense of freedom. The wheelchairs will let the person to move anywhere they wish without anyone’s assistance. The wheelchair cushions are of four types and they are

  • Foam wheelchair cushions
  • Gel wheelchair cushions
  • Air flotation wheelchair cushions
  • Urethane honeycomb wheelchair cushions

Foam wheelchair cushions are popular because this will provide great comfort.Due to this comfort and support people tend to buy this cushion. It is one of the most selling variety and at the same time it relieves the back pain easily. Continuous sitting for hours would make them feel burden and they will feel pain in joints and back. Cushions will make them more comfortable. One drawback in this foam wheelchair will be ease of getting out of shape. This will be suitable for person who have temporary health issues. Temporary usage will not affect the cushion so much.


Gel wheelchair cushions are made by using gel pouches. This gel pouch is kept as a layer on the foam base. It is highly comfortable and reduces breakdown. It is formed with the chambered gel sections such that the person will feel great. Sometimes it has an issue of leakage. The gel pouches might break and cause leaks. This is one of the biggest disadvantages in using this type of cushion.

Air flotation wheelchair cushions are made by filling up with air. It is one of the best type of best method used as a wound therapy.These cushions are not stable and thus it is not suitable for all kinds of patients. Also it will not support the person well, thus causing pressure point ulcers. They will not tend to move around easily as it is not comfortable.

Honeycomb wheelchair cushions are the best type of cushion that will support well and distributes the body weight evenly. It is designed in such a way to provide great comfort and encourages airflow. It has unique featureswhich makes it different from any other type of wheelchair cushions. Using this wheelchair cushion will be helpful as there are many benefits in it.