Winstrol cycle

The most popular way in which Winstrol cycle is used is in cutting phase when users are looking at maintaining the lean muscles and cutting down all the remaining fat deposits. When any traces of fats that remain in the body are removed, the body gets a toned and fit look. Thus Winstrol cycle is much useful for professional bodybuilders who have to maintain the lean look for their competitions. So, they use the cycle just before their contests to be able to look their best at such times. Though stacking Winstrol with other steroids is seen to get better results, Winstrol only cycle too is very beneficial.

The advantages of using Winstrol only cycle

The main reason for the effectiveness of Winstrol only cycle is that it helps in the burning of adipose tissue. This brings about a considerable loss of fat and results in maintaining perfect muscle mass devoid of any embarrassing fat deposits. Thus, Winstrol only cycle is one of the most popular steroids that bodybuilders use for cutting cycles. Winstrol only cycles can constitute use of either oral tablets or Winstrol injections. It was observed that the use of the cycle was helpful in enhancing testosterone. This is an additional benefit as more testosterone means more enhanced muscles. Because it cuts fats and maintains fit muscles, the steroid does not cause any additional weight gain.

The dosage instructions for men and women for Winstrol only cycle

Winstrol cycle

Higher doses of any steroid can bring about side effects in the user, be it male or female. If women tend to use doses of Winstrol more than what has been advised, it can bring about virilisation which means male characteristics can be observed. This can be anything from enlargement of clitoris to change in vocal chords to growth of hair in the body. That is why it is important that women go for low doses and take it only for a short period of time. Also, the oral Winstrol form works better for women than injections.  The ideal dose for women should be 10 mg and anything more than that will not be safe. The Winstrol cycle should be for 4 weeks wherein it has to be used only every two days and not daily for a week. After the first week, it can be taken daily.

Men prefer Winstrol injections and the dose is of around 50 mg daily. The cycle should be for 8 weeks and not more than that. Higher dose may be cause harm to liver. When stacked with other steroids, the dose of Winstrol needs to be lower. Check out the review of Winstrol pill brands.

Though higher doses may mean harm, some bodybuilders take high doses but only for a short period. Some bodybuilders use 100 mg and follow a two week cycle but they do so before a competition. Other benefits of Winstrol only cycle is that it enhances performance and the athletes get a good muscle increase without altering their weight.  At the same time, the athletes have to consume a low calorie diet but high in proteins and do their regular exercises along with following Winstrol cycle.