A million of times, we have heard the term back pain. We believe it is quite a common symptom of the menstrual cycle, fever, and old age. Back pain is a common medical condition where the individual experiences pain in the spine region. However, the back pain is also categorized into different types depending on the region of pain. The pain in the cervical region is termed as neck pain, whereas pain in thoracic region is known as middle back pain. Lower back pain is the common medical condition which affects the lower region of the spine. It is also known as lumbago, pain encountered in the lumbar region of the spine. More than half of the world population suffers from back pain due to the sedentary lifestyle. However, back pain in the lumbar region results from muscle injury known as strain or ligament injury known as a sprain. Improper lifting, poor posture, fracture, ruptured disc, arthritis and lack of exercise are some of the common causes of low back pain. Severe pain encountered in the lower region of the spine is the symptom of back pain. It takes two-four weeks to overcome a severe low back pain. There are painkillers in form of gels, or tablets provided to treat the condition. Some of the low back pain cases also require the assistance of physiotherapist to resume the normal functioning of the spine.

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Use of pain management techniques in the treatment of Lower back pain

Pain management techniques have served as the best option for curing back pain. The use of pain management and natural remedies is preferred to reduce the dependency on drugs for pain. The research team for pain management san antonio has developed the best remedy for back pain, without chemical masking of pain sensors.

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There are over 100 million Americas and over 1.5 billion patients all over the world are suffering from chronic pains. For majority of these people it is tough to go to sleep with their pain. They are not able to concentrate even on their work during the day time. The pain they are suffering from is spoiling their enjoyment and it is affecting their energy levels badly. For more information in pain clinics refer to a pain management doctor in San Antonio. Overall a pain clinic must try to reduce the pain of a patient and try to improve quality of life.