Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Osteoarthritis is a slow procedure in which the surface of the knee is damaged and worn out. The bones on either side of the knee joint are usually anchored by a hard, soft layer of cartilage that holds the knee in place and allows surfaces to slide easily against each other. This surface can be damaged by injury or general wear and tear. As the procedure progresses, the underlying bone is found. This causes pain, swelling, and stiffness because the surface is never smooth again and the nerves in the bone are exposed.

Knee osteoarthritis is a very normal condition. It can occur in young people after injury, but most often in older people. Factors causing osteoarthritis include previous knee injuries, obesity, and a familial origin of osteoarthritis.

Most people who have knee replacements are extremely happy, however it is a complex operation and the results may vary. This will not restore a completely normal knee. The test shows that 5 to 20% of people are unhappy with the result of a knee replacement. This is often due to functional limitations (which cannot be done with a knee replacement), but can also be due to pain or stiffness. For most of these people, they are still superior to what they were before the operation.

Knee replacement surgery is expensive in the US and UK. In the US, this can cost about $ 50,000. Thus, this medical procedure is not a moderate alternative for uninsured patients or patients seriously affected by depression and recession. But these patients have the hope that they can now undergo a total medical knee replacement procedure, which is very affordable in countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. This is possible due to the high exchange rates of the UK and US currencies compared to the monetary standards in these countries.

Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Low cost does not mean compromising the quality of treatment or the qualifications of doctors. In truth, hospitals in these countries use cutting edge medical technology, and most doctors have been trained in Singapore. Thus, you can undergo quality joint replacement surgery in Singapore at extremely reasonable prices. There are different types of knee replacement surgeries that are performed on patients.

  • With a total knee replacement, a severely damaged ligamentous tissue is replaced with a metal or plastic prosthesis.
  • Partial knee replacement is the replacement of only the damaged joint compartment. People with joint inflammation are often good candidates for this surgery.
  • Bilateral knee replacement is an operation performed on both knees, as in patients with severe joint pain.
  • Minimally invasive surgery uses small incisions and therefore less delicate tissue incisions. This type of surgery allows you to recover faster.
  • Computerized Surgery (CAS) provides a superior inside view and assists in accurate alignment of the artificial joint in the bone and can increase the long-term viability of a knee replacement.