Color your hair

Hair color really changes our style and look to some extent and those who are fashion freaks change their hair color in to different colors at different times. We can’t say the hair color completely changes our look but it gives a change from usual look. People change the color of the hair sometimes as per the occasions like promo, bachelorette party, wedding party and any other occasions. Usually people color the hair as per the outfit they use for the occasion so that they look trendy and attractive.

This has become very famous these days that both men and women color their hair and it is the women who color the hair with different colors for different occasions more than men. To color the hair usually we think that parlor is the only way to get beautiful coloring but there are tips and steps to color the hair from home. It is good to learn how to color your hair at home so that you can save time, money and also you can color at your convenience.

Few factors to consider

Hair color product

Women who experience hair coloring at home says that they are satisfied to color their hair at home as like they get hair dyeing from professional in the parlor. They say that it is easy to color the hair at home if we learn how to do it. The important factor to be considered is we should use the high quality hair color because the low quality hair color will damage the hair and the damaged hair will cause hair fall. The fact is that there are natural hair colors which are non toxic but the hair coloring effect will be not as best as chemical hair color product.

Color your hair

Coloring the gray hair

Usually the hair color we use for gray hair will fade very soon so it is advised to choose dark color to color the gray hair. Use cream on the gray hair and gently massage till it sticks to the hair perfectly, then color the hair so that the hair color will not fade soon.

Re-coloring the hair

It is not advisable to change color of the hair immediately if you are not satisfied with the current color because the next color you use in the hair will not stick easily and perfectly. At least two weeks of time gap is needed to recolor the hair.


Actually hair coloring will damage the hair, so take proper steps to care the hair, and never forget to use the conditioner given with the hair color. Wash your hair after coloring the hair otherwise the damage will be severe.