Have you been told that you should have a colour correction? If so, you may wonder what exactly is involved in the process, or what the service entails. Whilst one type of colour correction involves making a dark colour lighter, another correction may require making a lighter colour darker. Both of these processes can involve multiple colour services. Services may be facilitated in one day or may span over weeks or months. What’s more, these types of processes can be done even on artificial or virgin hair.

Going Lighter or Darker

So, if your hair colour is currently dark and you want it to be much lighter, you need to consult with a stylist to carefully consider your options. Depending on the client, the hair may need to be colour cleansed one or several times. Then, the hair is normally coloured once more to achieve the right tone. If your hair is light and you want a much darker shade, it may need to be coloured more than one time for the shade and tone to be maintained.

Ask for a Consultation

Hairdressers in West Perth know exactly what tones to add to the hair to help the colour last for a long amount of time. They also know how to make the tone pretty and fade-resistant as well. If you are seeking a big colour change then, you first need to call your salon and request a complimentary colour consultation.

Let the stylist know, when you phone him or her, that you have coloured your hair but want to change it to a lighter or darker shade. Also, ask about the recommended options. By phoning the salon first, they will be able to offer you a better estimate of how long your consultation will take.


Bring an Accounting of Your Colour History

When you arrive at the consultation, bring pictures of how you want your hair to look as well as a truthful accounting of your colour history. Include any products that you have put on your hair that have been used to smooth it, straighten it, perm it, or highlight it.

During the consultation, ask a lot of questions. While some colouring choices may give you the results you want in one day, other options may take more time. If the process takes more time, then it also may be less damaging to your hair.

You also may be able to get close to your desired hair results through the use of lowlights or highlights. Electing to have lowlights or highlights added to your hair may be less time-consuming and expensive. As a result, your hair will not need as much correcting.

When consulting with your stylist, be sure to also obtain some price quotes for the services. Colour corrections, in some instances, can take over six hours. So, make sure you are prepared for the process, or at least know what to expect.

Whatever you do, do not try to perform a colour correction at home. Colouring the hair is a complicated chemical process – one that is different for each person who undergoes it. Any major colour change should always be done by a professional.