Steroid’s History

What’s better than testosterone? Yes, it’s Bolasterone (Myagen)! Although some are interchanging the terms, regrettably, that’s two different substances. Bolasterone is the more complex yet more effective version than of testosterone. Steroids which are intended for prohormone in keeping your muscles in shape can now rest as it gets in the way.

Bolasterone is tagged as the most potent component in the history of bodybuilding. Sure, you can name other substance on the spot. But, no one is here to deny how effective this Myagen is.  As it is a potent oral anabolic substance, a lot of bodybuilders are making their way to get one. People from around the world are intrigued how such perfect item could exist. Yet, as people are interested, its main components still have to undergo examination up to now. Now, you’ll be asking, how could others use such thing if it’s not regulated by the food and drugs association? Well, you might get few good answers from the underground labs scattered around the world. Later on, we will discuss and talk about the possibilities if you’d stick to this kind of powerful component to boost you up.

Is it safe?

Unfortunately, this substance is not recommended for all ages. People who are under 21 years should not be taking this type of medicine. Even women are prohibited, at all cost, to consider this in their dietary supplement. No matter how testosterone is helpful for bodybuilding, a double pinch would be a bad idea. Keep it low or at least just within the range of advised testosterone level. Avoid going too high. A few pinch of additional milligram is not even advisable for you.

 Steroid’s History


With Bolasterone’s extreme testosterone level, you will be exposed to the risk in some parts. For women, it would be easily obvious how virility would start to show up. The masculinization would even be present in no time. For bodybuilders, it could sound great. But, for those who are just aiming for a normal level of muscle, this is not advisable. Another thing is you better not stack this together with another prohormone medicine. Too much of anything will be harmful to your body.

Benefits of Bolasterone

  • Rapid Muscle Mass Gain
  • Improved Focus
  • Enhanced Aggression in Workout
  • Can add you 10-15lbs during cycle
  • Fat Burning
  • Blocks fat formation in the body

Take note, for every benefit, you also need to work hard for it. You must earn the positive results from your lifestyle. You can’t just blame the product because of your poor maintenance in diet and in exercise. Add more time to your gym routine to practice your muscles better. Include a complete set of healthy meal for keeping your body working great. Keep in mind that results will be visible if you’re responsible to follow the advice of the dietitian. Always be vigilant and responsible. If your doctor won’t allow you to take at least one cycle then don’t do it. There might be some health issues you have before that can be triggered when this is consumed. To prevent any complication to take place, you should have the initiative to get away from it.

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