Wisdom teeth grow at the end of the mouth and are often associated with a lot of pain and suffering. Of course, some people have no problem with their wisdom teeth. Since wisdom teeth are associated with a lot of pain and have no role in chewing food, wisdom teeth extraction is usually recommended when other treatments have not worked. Emergency Dentist North York can give you a good wisdom tooth assessment.

What are wisdom teeth?

Some people do not experience any particular problem with the growth of wisdom teeth, but its growth is associated with pain, infection, and other problems in some people.

People often have four wisdom teeth – one in each corner. Wisdom teeth grow in healthy oral development between the ages of 17 and 21, but this time frame varies greatly from person to person. Wisdom teeth can stay inside the gums for a long time, in which case the tooth is hidden inside a bony tissue.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth problems primarily include pain, discomfort, infection, gum disease, and tooth decay. Some of these also make brushing painful. Brushing with a softer toothbrush is recommended in these situations to prevent pain and discomfort. Another serious side effect of wisdom teeth is cysts’ formation under the teeth, which cause the jawbone to be damaged and put a lot of pressure on the jaw nerve.

Problems with wisdom teeth usually end with their extraction. Emergency dentists often recommend that you remove a wisdom tooth in your early 20s before it causes a problem. At

this age, the wisdom tooth root is not yet hardened in the jawbone and can be removed more easily. Extraction of wisdom teeth at older ages can increase the risk of damage to the jaw’s main nerve. Younger patients often recover earlier.

Most teens that use braces and orthodontic treatment are often recommended to remove their wisdom teeth at the end of orthodontics because the eruption of wisdom teeth after this emergency treatment can put pressure on the teeth and tilt them again.

Wisdom teeth, contrary to their name, have nothing to do with becoming wiser, they are only related to aging. Be sure to visit the emergency dentist if your wisdom teeth cause pain and discomfort. Acting faster will create fewer problems for you.

What problems do wisdom teeth cause?

Wisdom teeth are healthy on their own, but only if they are in the correct position. Otherwise, it creates the following problems:

1. Fracture of wisdom teeth in the gums, which is often due to lack of space. In these emergency cases, the gingival tissue usually loosens slightly, causing food to become trapped and causing infection.

2. Being in the wrong position

3. The jaw is not large enough, and there is no space for wisdom teeth to grow

4. Tooth decay and crowded mouth

5. Cyst formation

6. Pain and swelling

7. Caries of other teeth

8. Infections and diseases of the gums