Teeth Whitening Tips

Unless people have managed to avoid red wine, coffee, or food and beverages with any type of color to it, there is a big chance that they have probably found themselves wondering how to whiten their teeth fast at some point. Maybe, individuals have a massive event like photoshoots coming up, or perhaps they just want to address some yellowing problems that come with enjoying the good things in life.

Either way, we have all been there. Not only can white and bright enamels provide people with a little more confidence, but they are also a sign that their mouth is in excellent health. That is why if you are looking to improve your oral care, this article has advised people need – tips from dental professionals on how to whiten people’s teeth fast without a regular trip to the dentist’s clinic.

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Drink a lot of water – at least eight glasses per day

Avoid drinking dark liquid like red wine or black coffee, or if you can’t avoid it, make sure to chase it with water – a lot of it. It takes more or less 30 seconds for pigments to penetrate the enamel, so drinking a lot of water after drinking wine or coffee will help to wash any stains away.

Brush after drinking or eating sticky and dark beverages or foods

Yes, red wine and coffee can stain the enamel, but according to experts, some foods cause stains that are harder to remove than these two. If a food or beverage can stain a white shirt, it can stain the tooth enamel. In reality, sticky and dark food, especially hot ones, can penetrate the enamel, making for stronger staining.

Foods or beverages that qualify for this include soy sauce, chocolate syrup, cranberry sauce, tomato sauce, and balsamic vinegar. One of the worst offenders is barbecue sauce. According to dental professionals, it is dark, sticky, and hot, so it is a triple threat.

Planning to hold of staining as much as possible includes brushing your teeth immediately after drinking or eating dark, hot, and sticky food or drinks. But unfortunately, it is not always possible. After drinking red wine or coffee, always swish your mouth with a glass of water to help keep the stains at bay until you get the chance to brush your teeth.

Always use a straw when drinking beverages

It sounds a little silly, but drinking pigmented beverages like soda, red wine, or coffee through a straw can help prevent the enamel from coming in contact with these foods, mucking up the whitening work people have been doing. They could also swear off these drinks altogether, but that is almost impossible.

Wear blue pigment-based lip color

Using these things will not change the enamel’s color, but it can provide the illusion of pearly-white teeth. The reason for this is because blue pigment-based pinks, reds, and plums are said to offset stains in the enamel with yellow tones.

professional teeth whitening

As milk to tea

Adding milk to teas can reduce the drink’s ability to stain the enamel. The protein in milk (also called casein) will bind to tannins (or the compound that can cause staining in teas). It can protect the teeth from heavy staining. The bad news is, this does not apply to coffee because tannins are not to blame for the latte-induced discoloration.

Eat cheese and strawberries regularly

People can think of strawberries as nature’s best teeth polishers. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, these fruits produce enzymes (malic acid), which can keep the enamel white. Another food that can help whiten the teeth and keep them healthy is cheese. White cheddars and other types of cheeses contain a kind of lactic acid that can help avoid tooth decay or cavities.

Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malic_acid for more info about malic acids.

Eat celery and apples

Crunchy vegetables and fruits are excellent for cleaning the tooth of plaque and polishing the gums and enamel. These foods can also increase the mouth’s saliva production, which can help protect people’s oral health.

Brush teeth at least twice a day

We are not stating the obvious, but practicing good oral hygiene, regularly goes a long way when it comes to teeth whitening (especially with keeping the mouth healthy). Dental professionals recommend using automated or electric toothbrushes over traditional brushes because electric brushes can clean the enamel deeper and can remove more stains in the enamel.

Because of that, people might want to consider upgrading their toothbrushes. When it comes to toothpaste, pastes with whitening components recommended by dentists are the best option. It has the same ingredients as the whitening pastes use by dental professionals in their clinics. Expect to see pearly-white teeth after using these products for one week.


Food particles and plaque found between the teeth can make people’s smiles look unhealthy and dim overall. That is why do not forget to floss regularly, at least every after meals. Get in there daily using gentle floss to make sure food particles and plaque are removed without hurting the gums. You can also ask dentists for other professional teeth whitening options if you do not have time to do flossing.

Brush the teeth using baking soda at least once a week

People tend to think they have to spend a lot of money to whiten their teeth, but that is not always the case. According to dental professionals, every household has baking soda; this ingredient can really whiten the enamel. If people use it a couple of times per month, they can safely remove the enamel stain up to two shades lighter.

But there is a downside to this method. If people brush too often using this ingredient, they could make their enamels thinner. It is effective and safe but brushes with this mixture at least once a week, twice at most. It is not abrasive enough to wear down enamels if you use it at that rate. If you are wondering how to use baking soda to whiten the enamel, it is actually very simple.

All you need is hydrogen peroxide, your toothbrush, and of course, baking soda. Dampen the brush using clean water, then put a little hydrogen peroxide over its bristles. The next thing you need to do is to dip it inside the soda box, remove, and brush for at least two minutes like you usually do with toothpaste. Rinse your mouth using lukewarm water.