When you smile, your teeth are visible. They are one of the affecting features people care about in your smile. Pearly white and healthy teeth reflect a glorious smile. On the other hand, missing a tooth means losing your confidence to smile. You may miss a tooth due to various reasons such as falling, having severe dental issues, or accidents. Of course, you can live without your tooth if you decide to. But, most people do not like to smile with a lost tooth, and they prefer to replace their tooth. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch that provides different treatments and methods to replace your missing tooth. As a result, you can have your smile back again. One of these cosmetic methods is called dental implants. However, dental implants have some advantages and disadvantages. We interviewed an experienced dentist at Parkview Dental Implant Center in Vancouver to talk about these pros and cons.

What Are the Positive Points about Dental Implants?

As mentioned above, this cosmetic dental method is very popular due to various reasons. The first people consider when getting dental implants is how they look and work. They want to have a false tooth that is like their natural ones and acts as well as it. After having dental implants, you can eat hard foods too. Do not worry. Dental implants are as strong as your real teeth. They will not break. Of course, it does not mean you can open the water bottles with them. They are like your teeth. So, you should also take care of them.

When you smile with your implanted tooth, people hardly ever will diagnose it. Their appearance is nearly close to your natural teeth. So it is the main important good point of dental implant methods. There is no difference between them and your real teeth in terms of appearance and function.

How successful Is That?

When undergoing any surgery, searching about its success rate is sensible. Dental implants are no exception. The success rate depends highly on patients’ oral situation and dental hygiene. But, it can be said that its percentage is high.

Is There Any Pain?

Some people are afraid of this cosmetic dental method because they think it is a painful process. However, it should be kept in mind that the dentist uses anesthesia. Therefore, you will be calm and relaxed. In addition, the pain of dental implant surgery is much less than tooth extraction pain. Besides, after the surgery, you can take pain killers and OTC medicines to manage your pain.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

One of the main important factors that you should consider about the disadvantage of dental implants is the cost. This cosmetic dental method is too complicated and needs to be done by an experienced and skillful surgeon. So, it is expensive compared to other cosmetic methods.

You may experience some side effects after this cosmetic treatment, such as vomiting, swelling, pain, etc.

You should be very careful with your implanted teeth. It needs oral hygiene, such as your real teeth, unless you will have to replace them very soon.