Are you looking for or dental specialist in the Bishan area? You can find a bishan dental clinic with the best and experienced doctors at Ashford dental center which is a multi-specialist dental clinic in Singapore extending its support and services to the people who are suffering from dental health problems. Dental problems are not only related to teeth or mouth but some dental diseases are linked to other parts of the body. So, taking proper care and early treatment of any problems of dental health will rectify and prevent future dental diseases and makes your teeth healthy.

Best and experienced dentists

Here the team of dental specialists take good care and provide the best treatments for the patients and tailor every step according to the needs and requirements of the patient. The overall consultation and experience at this dental care will be perfect and a smooth one.

Dental Services

Various services are offered to patients with various dental health issues by this specialized dental clinic. The services are wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, emergency dentistry, teeth whitening, scaling and polishing, porcelain veneers, Invisalign. Each and every procedure of the treatment will be different, but the entire process of any treatment will be undergone in a smooth manner without causing any discomfort or pain to the patient with complete perfection by the experienced and specialized dental doctors.

A complete and wide range of dental experience is obtained at the Ashford dental care as the surgeons, as well as a dentist who is the part of this dental care center, are experienced in patient satisfaction along with clinical performance. The fees which are charged for the patient for the process of treatment, as well as a consultation,are affordable, and the main vision of this dental care center is to provide the services to each and everyone who is suffering from dental illness.

Features at the dental clinic

There are key features of this Ashford dental care such as same-day appointment, sterilization technology, strict quality control, ecologically friendly equipment, dental staff who are caring and helpful, easy access to the dental clinic.

Most people are anxious about their visit toward dental clinic or a dental service center as they may feel the treatment process can cause discomfort and pain, but it is not true in the case with the Ashford dental care center as the team of the dentist understand the patients’ concern and explain in detail regarding the treatment process and undergo the procedure in a smooth and pain-free manner so that the patient will get effective and painless treatment.


This trusted as a renowned specialist dental center is located in many areas of Singapore and can be contacted through the phone number WhatsApp number or email ID and you can even check the opening hours as it is opened throughout the week.