Baby bag essentials

Any parents out there with young children will understand the trepidation felt before making their way out of the house. There are a few questions that commonly run through the mind of a parent before they leave the house – will this be a successful expedition? Will I have to deal with a screaming baby, or a messy nappy, or both, or more? For any trip outside of the house, it pays to be prepared. To get you started, we provide a few great ways to entertain baby and ensure that any mishaps can be managed with ease.

Babies get bored easily

New parents will quickly learn the importance of having fun toys and similar distractions on hand to keep their baby stimulated during otherwise uneventful or long shopping trips. Ideally, both the pram and car will contain a variety of these distractions, as you never know when baby is going to start getting restless! But with baby gifts in Australia being so diverse, it can be tough working out the ideal plaything for your child. Books are a very good start as they offer a variety of tactile and visual elements to keep a baby entertained. This visual awareness allows for quick recognition of images, and you may quickly find that your baby prefers certain books over others. If your baby enjoys playing with objects and the sounds that invariably accompany, a set of keys or a rattle will absolutely tick the box. Many baby teethers also double as interesting toys, complete with squeakiness, so it’s certainly worth in investing in one of these if you can. If loud noises are not suited to your environment (perhaps you’re attending a talk or are at a funeral), then a book is a better idea.

Baby bag essentials

In addition to a bunch of great distractions, there are a few more practical things you should have prepared have in your baby bag when leaving the house. If a baby continues to be upset after being given books or a dummy, they might be experiencing something that is causing them irritation. Have nappy rash cream is a must, as are snacks and teething gel (if your baby is currently teething). Extra nappies are always a must (so it’s a good idea to be prepared with surplus nappies on all occasion), and a portable change mat is a great idea if you somehow find yourself in an environment lacking baby changing facilities. It’s also a good idea to take careful note of the weather before you leave the house and pack a lightweight blankets if necessary. These are not only good for keeping baby warm, but they’re perfect for shielding them from a fierce sun on a hot day.

Looking out for other parents

Sometimes it’s all about trial and error when finding good distractions for your child, but the more you try, the quicker your positive result is going to be! Knowing what entertains your baby also happens to give you a great insight into what might also work for other parents. With this in mind, you can tailor gifts for these parents to include things that have helped with your outings so that they can have a more stress-free time with theirs! Practical gifts don’t always have to be clothes and nappies and the like – sometimes a shopping expedition that isn’t coloured by incessant screaming is even better.