Thursday 18 April 2019
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Best Yoga Retreats and Centers in Sri Lanka

SriLanka, nestled amid the blue waters of Indian Ocean, apart from being an unspoilt treasure of natural wonders, is also home to a large number of yoga therapies and meditation centers. Elemental Yoga therapies of SriLanka blended with pure air, warm sunrays, golden sands, sea surfs and tranquil surrounding of SriLanka simply slides the visitors far away from their mechanical world towards a world of peacefulness serenity and self-recognition. If you want to dig into your inner self and hear your inner mind, some of the places of SriLanka that you can visit include:


Whenever it comes to holistic approaches and yoga retreats in SriLanka, the first name that draws all the attention is none other than Ulpotha. Considered to be the most peaceful and traditional place in SriLanka, it offers a pure holistic approach towards health and life. Some of the yoga retreats for a visitor in Ulpotha include:

  • A pure living with the nature that you have never experienced before.
  • Here a visitor can experience all kinds of Yoga experience starting from hatha yoga to Scaravelli yoga.
  • The rusticity of Ulpotha will slide you into an unearthly paradise.

The House of Lotus

Located in Dodanduwa, this renowned yoga retreat is built as per the astrological and Vastu rules to enhance the yogic powers and retain the power of mind. Someone who is looking for a yoga experience to discover his or her natural self must visit this place. Here he or she will experience:

  • An aspirant will find enough space and time for himself or herself to explore his or her natural self by introspecting their own day-to-day activities.
  • Doing personal works all on your own, you will experience more self-dependence.
  • Wonderful natural foods and ingredients hand-picked from the treasures of Mother Nature will detoxify not only your mind but also your body.

Soul and Surf SriLanka

This is another spiritual and traditional yoga retreat in SriLanka. Nestled amid beautiful SriLankan surroundings and serene landscapes this yoga retreat will offer the visitors with true to life experience and drag them closer to the nature. Some of the experiences of visitors here are

  • Placed in secluded landscape this place offers an insight into the philosophy of life and health.
  • Regular trips to natural beauties will enlighten the mind and soul.
  • Beautiful sea view from the verandah of this Yoga centre is an unforgettable experience. Turtle Bay

For any visitor looking up for an exotic yoga retreat experience, the Turtle Bay is a great recommendation. Warm and cozy environment, nice eco-friendly setting and helpful teachers make this place a great place to surge deep within yourself. Here you will come across:

  • A number of yoga approaches, elementary yoga, holistic approaches and many more under the guidance of skilled gurus.
  • Being located in a tranquil environment you can rejuvenate your mental peace and health.
  • Featuring home-based slow life, this wonderful yoga centre gives the feel of home and family.

Known across the world for its best yoga retreats ad centers, SriLanka, especially the South SriLanka, draws hoards of visitors across the globe every year who come to find their real inner self along with true real peace of mind by connecting with the elements of nature. If you also want to take pleasure of the yoga retreats in SriLanka, you have to apply for a SriLanka Visa first. After completing all the formalities if you are found to be eligible then you will be offered with a SriLanka Visa to take entry into SriLanka.