Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Non-Invasive Fat Reduction with LipoLasers/LED Machines

Everybody would love a fit and mean looking body and most of us can only dream about it. Concise efforts have to be undertaken to keep the body fit and trim. Initially, everyone has tried to follow the exercise route and most give up at a later point in time due to various reasons, mostly insufficient time. The result is the fat accumulation and loose muscles affecting ones look and stature. This can lead to health issues once a certain age is crossed and may need to be looked into.

There are few methods by which excess fat can be ridden from the body. These are the Invasive and Non-Invasive procedures. Each method has its own advantage and disadvantage. Invasive procedures lead to unwanted scars in the end, so people prefer non-invasive methods. LipoLasers/LED machines offer the best non-invasive solution to fat reduction and these products can be found on or similar sites.

The Science behind it

How does light help one to reduce fat? This is the question in everyone’s mind when people say LipoLasers.  Fear does not let dispel any doubts about the method. It’s the light per say which is used in these machines, rather the heat produced by the laser light and that too with a tight control on the wavelength of the emitted light, typically from 900 to 1400 nanometer. It’s found that when the temperature of the fat cell increases, the heat energy liquefies the fat (adipose tissues). To start with, the laser light will have a wavelength range from 900 to 1400 nanometer for the liquefaction process and then its wavelength reduced to 635 to 670 nanometer for the drain process to take effect. In some extreme cases, the liquefied fat may need to be surgically removed due to excess accumulation.

Usage and Safety

The amount of heat energy by a sing LED is very less and hence a number of such LEDs may be required to ramp up the total energy per delivery. The exact technical term for the LED is called a Pad. The actual numbers vary based on the size and the manufacturer. A number of such pads are clumped together in a Velcro or elastic sheet, which is then covered over the area to be treated.

Usually, the treatment consists of multiple sittings or a course, ranging from 5 to 15 sessions over a period of a month(s). The human body has a safety limit on how much fat can be lost per day and hence the need for multiple sessions. A typical session lasts from 10 to 30 min depending on the power of the lasers. One has to consult their physician or beautician about the process of fat reduction. You must know pros and cons of the process and understand the consequences first. If satisfied then you can go with the process.

Buy established brands

It is imperative for clinics and customers to look for a repeated brand which offers a range of products, good service and that offers training for the LipoLasers/LED Machines. One when is satisfied should purchase a model, look sites like