Thursday 17 October 2019
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Why Gastric Balloon Process Is Considered The Most Effective Weight Loss Technique?

The popularity of several weight loss surgeries has gain a lot of popularity in the last decade as it becomes more affordable and accessible. One of the most important weight loss procedures that gain the lot of popularity is gastric balloon procedure. This is a great technique that involves fitting a band around the stomach that effectively reduces the size of the stomach and makes a person get full quicker. The gastric balloon prevents a person from eating too much and gets them in the all important habit of enjoying sensible sized portions.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is actually a small silicon pouch like instrument that is generally inserted in to an individual’s stomach very easily by using an endoscopic tube. This tube is usually inserted through the mouth and into the stomach with the silicon balloon in a deflated state. The balloon is then set into proper place and inflated using either air or a saline solution.

What is the Process Involved in Gastric Balloon Treatment?

Once the gastric balloon is inserted in to the stomach , this is put in the actual position and inflated. As the gastric balloon is inflated, it fills the most part of the stomach.  As a result, the balloon leaves less room in the stomach for food. At the same time, the pressure from the balloon generally makes an individual feel full quite easily. The gastric balloon makes it really difficult to eat too much food at a time, and as a result you start losing weight.

The most important point is that a gastric balloon is only considered a temporary means that can be used for up to a maximum of six months. It is the up to you whether you want to continue to eat less and more sensible meals to maintain a healthy weight. It also helps you prevent the weight that you have lost coming back.

Suitable Candidates for Gastric Balloon Treatment:

Gastric weight loss balloon treatment is ideal for individuals who are extremely overweight and have a BMI (Body Mass Index) score of between 26 and 30. For people who are obese or morbidly obese, gastric band option could be the more suitable option.

There are several benefits of gastric balloon weight loss process. The most important benefit of this weight loss technique is that unlike other weight loss procedures, there is no surgery involved. Patients who are undergoing gastric balloon treatment, the patient will be in and out from the clinic in just one day and will have no scaring.

Since the gastric balloon treatment can only be used for up to six months, this can be the most effective weight loss solution if you have a special occasion such as wedding coming up. However, this should not ever be seen as a quick fix and one must be fully committed to maintaining a sensible diet once the balloon is removed from the stomach. Another important this is that unlike other weight loss surgery, gastric balloon is quite affordable procedure.