Friday 21 February 2020
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Why You Should Take Melanotan?

The word tanning is not new to you. You might be one of those who wish to have a glowing tan skin tone. Why? You find it perfect for your summer outfit, and that is to achieve a beautiful tan skin tone. However, tan skin is not a natural skin tone to all the people in the world. There are a few races who have that natural tan skin tone, which the others are not. So now, tanning becomes trending because of how it makes you look sexier and attractive. Plus, it adds the beauty of your body shape. Various tanning products are offered in the market such as tanning lotions, tanning creams, tanning soaps, and a lot more. As a buyer, there are particular provides that you prefer to buy. For example, you would want to have the tanning lotion over a tanning soap. Although both have the same effect, to get you tan, still you have a preferred product to use.

Go for tanning injectable

It might be new to your ears about tanning injectable, but it exists. One of the most trending tanning injectable today is the melanotan 2. If you wonder what Melanotan is all about, then you need to spend more time reading simple explanations on how it helps you achieve a tan skin tone. Melanotan is like a hormone that is present in the body. However, it is a lab-made chemical that is injected under the skin to darken. So, the goal of having a tan skin tone can be possible using the drug. Yes, Melanotan is a drug made to help treat certain conditions of the skin including the tanning effect.

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Types of Melanotan

Melanotan comes into two different types:

  • Melanotan 1. It is a type of Melanotan that induces pigmentation of the skin through melanogenesis. The melanin production occurs and it restricts cellular damage in the skin. It is done by absorbing, refracting, and reflecting light.
  • Melanotan 2. It is a type of Melanotan that is developed for erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. These facts are claimed true and furtherly discovered some other benefits to get. One of the benefits includes a tanning drug.

Is the tanning injectable safe?

The answer is yes. Melanotan is very safe to use when you follow the proper dosage of the drug. Why does it become an effective tanning ingredient? It becomes an effective tanning ingredient because it has the nature to darken the skin to achieve a good bronze tan skin tone. So, users must be aware that the tanning drug requires minimal sun exposure. No need to put the skin at risk through sunbathing to achieve beautiful tan skin. With the help of melanotan 2, it protects the skin from sun damage while exposed to UV rays. Instead, it helps the skin transform the cells to build dark protective melanin. The tanning injectable drug has a recommended dosage in every type of skin tone. So, if you plan to use the tanning drug, follow the mixing and dosing calculator. Plus, never forget to check the Fitzpatrick skin chart to know your skin type for the proper dosage of the tanning injectable.