Monday 30 March 2020
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Melanotan –Why Is It Highly Beneficial?

It’s a simple, quick, and most effective way for producing the healthy, rich, and long lasting tan; however, Melanotan has other benefits too. If you are considering Melanotan injections, then let us share some extra advantages that may just come as happy surprise and you will learn where to buy melanotan.

Reduced sun damage

This drug has peptides that work to switch over melanocytes –cells in the skin that produce pigment melanin. When Melanotan injections are administered, the skin tans efficiently when it is exposed to sun. It means that after some minutes in sun, you will develop the deep and rich tan that, without this injection, will need several hours of the sun exposure for developing. So, by spending very less time to be exposed to ultra violet rays, you will minimize the sun damage and thus reduce risk of the premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Not just that, but as melanin is made by your body to decrease skin damage, just by having the higher levels of pigment in the skin you decrease risk of having painful and unsightly sunburn in case you do find yourself in a midday sun without any sunscreen.


Melanotan helps tan to last a little longer –we are talking months before the tan fades, instead of weeks for the tans produced without taking Melanotan. It means you do not need to stay up with the regular sun bathing to maintain the beautiful glow. But, you just have fast Melanotan injections top-ups to maintain your level of tan, which you desire, and without any need to expose your skin to the regular sun damage.

Improve libido

The potential Melanotan side effects are increased libido in women and men. Not just it will heighten your sexual arousal, but desire for sex too. Its effects are highly profound that the scientists have worked to isolate specific compound liable for boosting libido to produce the specific libido-enhancing medicine. It’s believed that Melanotan will help to improve the general mood as well as happiness, and stimulate the higher sex drive instead direct effects of this drug. The studies have found that this will help men with erectile dysfunction to attain more frequent and rigid erections. Obviously, we will not advise prescription of the Melanotan particularly for increasing the libido for people uninterested in the tanning effects. But, if you are facing poor sex drive, trouble in achieving & maintaining the erections are some problems for you, then Melanotan can help in giving you the welcome boost in your bedroom.