Tuesday 23 July 2019
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How to Find the Right Moisturiser for Oily Skin

If you suffer from oily skin, you should know that the right moisturizer for oily skin will give you the power to enjoy a complexion which is more matte. Good moisturisers of this type take the oily shine off of skin and they often provide secondary benefits, such as pore minimization and oil-free hydration. By choosing a moisturiser which is perfect for your needs, you’ll improve the look and feel of your skin.

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Moisturisers of this type are available for men and women alike. However, some brands do offer gender-specific skin care lines. To help you find the right product, we’ve created a practical quick guide which is designed to provide exceptional assistance. Our goal is to help you streamline the comparison-shopping process…

What to Look For

Price may be a consideration. If this is the case, you should define a price point before you begin searching for a new moisturiser for oily skin online. For example, if you typically buy skin care products at drugstores, rather than fancy department stores, you’re a budget-conscious shopper and you should search for a moisturiser which is affordable and available at a range of drugstores and chain stores, both on and offline.

We won’t name brands here, as this guide is impartial. However, there are lots of great brands which won’t typically cost more than fifteen or twenty dollars.

If you want a fancier brand with a higher price tag, the world’s premier skin care lines will probably have exactly what you need. For example, some people want organic skin care which doesn’t contain lab-created chemicals. While you may need to pay more for this type of skin care, which is free of parabens and other unhealthy ingredients, it’s an investment that many people are willing to make.

It’s possible to search by price point by using online comparison-shopping interfaces. Another option is checking online retailers that sell moisturisers and then using their internal search engines in order to find the right price points. Just search by price range and then review product details and customer reviews. Customer reviews are very helpful – a product which earns stellar reviews across the board will generally be a very safe buy and you’re likely to be thrilled with what a highly-rated product does for your skin!

Find the Right Product Features

In terms of features, look for a product which is totally oil-free. As well, you should find a formula which is labelled, non-comedogenic, as it won’t clog your pores. People who suffer from oily skin often have problems with breakouts and non-pore-clogging formulas are definitely best for them!

If you have large pores, look for a product which will minimize the look of large pores as it reduces surface oil. Some products may be anti-acne also. They may contain Benzoyl Peroxide or other acne-fighting active ingredients, such as Salicylic Acid.

So, you’ll have plenty of choices. Just be sure to find a product which was specially formulated in order to treat oily skin. Avoid products for mature skin, as they tend to be very emollient and may not be right for your skin type.