Monday 22 July 2019
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Get smooth and silky skin through epilator

Getting silky and smooth skin is the most wanted aspect for every girl. Girls often take steps to get such skin. Silky skin will look so shiny and beautiful. It can be obtained by removing the hairs on the skin. To remove the hairs lots of hair removal creams are available in the market. And also there is practice of using razors to remove the hairs. If they use razors or creams the hair would be removed from the upper region of skin and when using the razors the hairs are cut from the upper region. Hence hairs will grow quickly and the grown hairs will be so hard and rough. When using cream, there is a chance of skin getting darker and allergic to creams. These problems can be eliminated by using epilator.

What is epilator?

Epilator is a device which is used to remove the hairs from your skin. The device is totally electronic based. And the hairs are removed from the root o. so that new hair will take more time to grow and the grown hairs will also be so thin. And if you continue the usage of epilator, then the growth of the hair will be stopped.


How long will the effects last?

The effects of epilation will last for few days. The skin will be smooth, silky and shiny after removing the hairs. And for four weeks you would not have the problem of having rough hairs. After that thin hairs will start to grow and it can be stopped with the continued usage of epilator.

There are lots of epilators available in the market. Among the wide varieties silk epil is the most increasingly used epilator by the younger women. Women feel more comfortable with the epilators since they are so gentle and when using wet epilators the hairs will be softened due to the wet and it can be easily removed without any irritation.

How epilation differs from waxing?

Both waxing and epilation involve the same process. But the way of removing will be vary with each other. In the process of waxing, the wax will be applied on the skin and it hardens the hairs in the upper layer and when it is pulled with the wax paper the hair will be forcefully removed. But epailation does not makes the hair so hard and it makes the removal process so smooth and easy.