Tuesday 23 July 2019
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What You Ought to Know about Luxury Addiction Recovery Rehab Center?

Many addicts delayed in enrolling a drug rehab assuming that they can recover from their addictions on their own. Attempting to recover from the addiction yourself can be dangerous as your body may show withdrawal symptoms and you will not know what to do to calm down these symptoms. After a few fail attempts to recover, you may accept the reality that you have to go to a rehab. Going to a rehab doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience because you have the option of joining a luxury rehab. Luxury rehab is equipped with many luxury rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room like a mansion. Unlike traditional addiction recovery hospital facility, you will get the feeling of home when you are staying at the luxury rehab.

Staying at the residential drug rehab for long term can help you to effectively recover from your drug addiction. If you can afford it, you should stay as long as possible at the Malibu luxury rehab center so that you can continue to make steady progress on your recovery. Studies show that more than 50% of people who have abstained from drug for 1 year relapse. It also show that people who have attained 5 years sobriety are less likely to relapse. One of the advantages of staying at a residential rehab is that you will learn how to be discipline by following a tight schedule. There are staff monitoring over the patients to make sure that they follow the schedule.

Before you begin treatment, they will require you to undergo the detoxification process. The purpose of the detoxification process is to cleanse away the toxins in your body. The detoxification process varies across each patient depending on many factors. Some drugs need a longer detoxification in order to cleanse it away completely from the body. The length of the detoxification process can last from 3 days to 1 week. Longer detox program will offer a more efficient transition into the treatment process. During the detoxification, your body will be completely cleansed from the drug you are addicted to as well as the prescription drugs that you have been taking to control your addiction.

Detoxification is not an easy process and many patients have experience excruciating pain and strong emotions. When you leave the detox program, you must be physically well. The staff will get you ready to make transition into the treatment phase. Detox only remove the addiction of the body to the drug. You still need to undergo the treatment phase to tackle with the mental factor that lead you into getting addicted on the drug in the first place. During the treatment phase, you will undergo individual behavioral therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). In cognitive behavioral therapy, the staff will work with you to identify the behaviors that triggers you to take the drug. You will learn how to overcome these bad behaviors so that you won’t be tempted to use the drugs.

During the one-on-one session, the counselor will encourage you to talk about your fears and help you to overcome these fears. In group therapy, a counselor will have a meeting with a group of patients that are all struggling from addictions. Telling your addiction to a fellow addict and sharing ideas on how to overcome them can help you to recover faster. Talking to one another will make the group members more open to sharing the accounts of their battles with drug addictions. In some drug rehabs, family members are allowed to join in the rehab process.

Family therapy session is a great time for the addicts to resolve any conflicts that they have with their families. You can use this time to bond with family members that have become estrange because of the drug addiction. You may also attend specialized sessions such as grief counseling and stress management at the treatment center. Sometimes, special guests will be invited to share stories on how they overcome their addictions.

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