Saturday 20 July 2019
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What It Takes to Become a Surrogate Parent

Becoming a surrogate comes with a big decision.

It is not just your body that you are giving a significant change, but as well as you whole life- not just in all 9 months or more but for the rest of the years to come. But aside from that, surrogacy is also something that is noble and generous. It is making a miracle for others.

It is no longer common nowadays how some women couldn’t bear a child with them due to infertility problems, and that is not just a one problem but a lifetime of doubts and ‘what ifs’ on their heads hoping when they could finally make a family of their own. A happy wife, a loving husband a lively child, which this concept sadly becomes impossible for them.

A surrogate mother is a miracle and you actually don’t become a third party but you become a hero. If you are considering taking a big leap to becoming a surrogate mother, then here are tips you would need in knowing what it takes to become a surrogate parent- check out these surrogate qualifications below.

surrogate qualifications

Qualities of a Surrogate Mother

Aside from compassionate and commitment there are a lot of qualities that you need to have to become a surrogate mother. Basically, it is a serious and a big responsibility as well. By agreeing to become a surrogate mother you are also agreeing to give not just your body but as well as your time, your energy and your way of life.

Basically, your health and the child’s health during your whole pregnancy is a big consideration that is why it might be a little too tricky to get into surrogacy, you need to follow certain standards of the agency you are going into.

Surrogate qualifications for a prospective surrogate includes:

  • You must be age between 21-39 years old and you have to be settled with education already. You must not be a surrogate while you are still enrolled or if you’re still in a university.
  • BMI must also be in 18-32
  • You must live in a non-smoking residence and you also have to be a non-smoker.
  • You must have no history on medical illness or your family.

Basically, these standards are raised to ensure that soon to be families are offered with a great baby with them, a healthy one without any complications coming from the surrogate mother. Women who wants to be surrogate must also be free of stress factors during the whole term of her surrogacy or her pregnancy.

Also, already-mothers can also apply for surrogacy their surrogate qualifications are:

They must have given birth to only one child or is raising one child, toddler, only.

They must have had uncomplicated pregnancies and prenatal with their proven documentation of their prenatal checkups and delivery records or hospital records as well.

  • They must have experience raising and bearing children.
  • They must have no history of criminal records.
  • They must have a stable, responsible lifestyle which includes giving attention to getting fit and active.