How To Make Your Ex Miss You and Want You Back?

ex_01It’s hard to let go of your ex, especially if you are truly in love with them. It is quite natural to be thinking about your ex constantly. But, the most important factor is to make your ex miss you and want you back. It is certainly not an easy thing to do. It is more difficult when your ex starts ignoring you completely, but you still have hopes that your ex would come back to you. Well, it’s good to keep your spirits and hopes at higher levels. However, there are certain things one should avoid doing by all means.

If you want your ex to start missing you, then

  • Do not text or call your ex constantly soon after the breakup
  • Do not date other people with the objective to make your ex jealous
  • Do not try to get friendly instantly after the breakup hoping that it would do your relationship any good
  • Do not look for reasons to bump into your ex

These don’ts need to be followed as they are all linked to a specific mindset which screams loud that you want your ex back at any cost, and you would do anything to have them back in your life. By doing so, you will make your ex feel that you are doing it out of desperation. So, the next question that may pop up in your disturbed mind is what to do to win the love of your ex back.

Distancing yourself physically and emotionally from your ex can do a world of difference

It means you need to prepare and implement no contact between your ex. You should avoid any kind of contact with your ex soon after the breakup for the betterment of your relationship. It is commitment that needs to be followed in order to get your ex back.

Never agree to be only friends if that’s not what you actually want

Most couples after their breakups try to settle down as friends. Well, it’s not possible for all couples to forget that they were in a relationship with their ex once upon a time, and now they are just friends. It does not work that way.

Try to focus more on your achievements and area of developments

Start working on your physical appearance, if you feel that there is any kind of improvement that needs to be done as it will make you feel good about yourself. Eat right and healthy, workout regularly to remain fit.

By following these simple tips, you can bring quite a few changes in your ex’s way of thinking. Your ex is certainly not programmed to ignore you or hate you for life. Your ex will definitely miss you especially when they hear in bits and pieces about you. The day would not be far, when your ex would start developing the feelings back for you, and would take the initiative to contact you. All you need is patience. Patience is the key element that works wonders in such circumstances.