How Do You Get Your Boyfriend To Marry You?

ex_02Men are ready to date but shy away from commitment. This is a fact. It is said that men have a commitment phobia. If you have been a relationship for long how do you get around your man to ask you to marry you? One thing is clear you cannot ask him to marry you and you will have to wait for him to propose to you. If you do not do something about it you may have to end up waiting forever.

Here are tips you can try that will make him propose marriage to you –

Be his lover but be his buddy too

Your man wants both. He seeks in you someone he can love and emotionally bond with and someone who can be a friend. If he finds in you a combination of both, he will start to think in terms of spending the rest of his life with you. This is possible through marriage so he will ask you to marry him.

Do not nag and just let him be

Men hate it when girlfriends begin nagging and changing them and their ways. You loved him for what he was, so why want to change him now? If he sees you trying to change him he is going to run away from you and you can forget marriage. Let him be him, without trying to change him. If he finds you accept him for what he is he will pop the question.

Make him feel you are the one

Men are programmed into believing the woman they marry must be like their mother. Don’t blame them their Mom is what they have been seeing all their lives. So they have certain expectations when they want to make a relationship long term. Imitate his mother and chances are he will be eating from your hands for the rest of his life.

Make him feel special

If you feel special in his company, let it become known to him. Also let him know and feel how special he is for you. Go that extra mile to make him comfortable. He needs your constant love, appreciation, understanding and support. If he finds you giving these to him unconditionally, he will start to think how wonderful it would be to have you around him forever. If this does not make him ask you that one question then maybe nothing would.

Do not push him

Never make the mistake of making him feel that you are desperate to marry him or put pressure on him to marry you. If you do so, he will probably run away a mile. Give him space, and let him come to the decision himself. He will want to marry you provided he feels comfortable with you.


If you want to make your boyfriend marry you, you need to create a situation where he feels the need to do so. He will be ready for commitment when he feels relaxed with you. Relaxed is a broad term here, for a man can only be relaxed and at ease with someone he loves. If he does feel so with you, you can be sure to be his wife soon.