Sunday 15 December 2019
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Important Facts about Winstrol Steroid Cycles

A bodybuilder, who wants to improve strength, endurance, speed, and power, has probably tried, taking Winstrol. This steroid is best for cutting especially if you want your lean muscle mass to remain while getting ripped and losing those extra pounds. Winstrol is one of the popular brands of the laboratory created anabolic-androgenic steroids that mimic the actions of testosterone.

Winstrol (stanozolol) is available in oral and injectable form. However, Winstrol is not recommended for non-medical use like bodybuilding and to enhance athletic performance. It is expected that when you take Winstrol, development of male characteristics is possible.

Winstrol Dosage Recommendation

Before Winstrol was discontinued in the United States, this steroid was prescribed to patients for medical treatments. The dosage then was based on the medical condition which is normally anywhere between 1 mg to 6 mg a day.

Bodybuilders usually take 25 mg up to 100 mg a day. Now notice the huge difference between the dosage for medical use and the one taken by bodybuilders. You must understand that with any substance that you take, the higher the dosage, the greater risk for potential side effects.

Reported Common Winstrol Side Effects.

Since Winstrol is one of the strongest steroids that are available in the market, even lower dosages can still contribute to potential side effects. Side effects are not always dosage dependent. Most users incorporate Winstrol with other drugs for better results, which may increase the rate of experiencing side effects which may include:

  • Mild to severe headaches
  • Sleeping issues
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Skin issues like oily skin or severe case of acne

Alarming Winstrol Side Effects

Women who are planning to include Winstrol with their cycle must understand that due to the mechanism of action of this drug, there is a high chance of experiencing virilization effects. This is the masculine-producing effects such as abnormal growth of body and facial hair, deeper voice, menstrual irregularities and enlargement of the clitoris. Most of these side effects are irreversible even if you have already stopped using the steroid at the first sign of virilization.

Testicular atrophy is the worst side effect that men could experience. This happens when the testosterone level of the body is too high that causes the natural production of testosterone to stop. When the hypothalamus detects that there is too much testosterone in the body, it then sends the pituitary gland a signal to stop the production of testosterone. The lack of production will cause shrinkage of the testicles. This will then result to sexual issues such as lack of libido, low sperm production, and infertility.

Misuse and abuse of any steroid can cause more serious damage to the body. This also applies to the use of Winstrol. To avoid any serious side effects, be sure to educate yourself about the drug, know the pro’s and con’s when taking it, and it is best to follow the recommended manufacturer’s dosage suggestion. Anyone who is interested to know more about Winstrol, just follow this link