Monday 22 July 2019
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Your guide to the right quantity and dosage of kratom powder

Kratom leaves have been used for centuries by Asians to relieve mood swings, depression, etc. They can give you the sense of euphoria when taken in the right amount and are also very helpful in fighting addiction and withdrawal symptoms associated with intake of opiates and other drugs.

Create your own shots and drinks using pure kratom powder

Kratom tea, kratom powders mixed in orange juice or other fruit syrups is the best means of drinking the powdered leaves of kratom. You can be rest assured of the purity and safety of the drinks and shots as you prepare them with your very own hands. Though it seems like an easy task determining the dosage of the powder can be quite intimidating. This is because different doses of kratom have different effects and overdosage might result in side effects that include hallucinations, nausea,

It is best when you take kratom powder either in grams or in teaspoon measure. For using kratom powder in teaspoon measure make sure that you never use tablespoon as it is three times a teaspoon and you might end up taking an overdose of the powder. Each manufacturer’s kratom product varies in terms of packaging and fineness which means that you can take it in approximate measures rather than accurate measures. Typically one teaspoonful of kratom powder accounts for approximately 4.6 grams of Kratom powder.

Dosage of kratom powder in teaspoons measure

Different people use different doses of kratom powder for desired results which include enhanced moods; for relaxing effects; for treating depression; for getting over addiction to other drugs, withdrawal symptoms, etc. For beginners one teaspoon of Kratom is all you need for elevating mood and for feeling energized. Once you have developed a tolerance to this dose and don’t feel the effects then you can gradually increase the dosage by half a teaspoon but make sure that you never exceed three teaspoons as it might result in kratom overdose.

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For better results and accurate dosage it is recommended for you to measure the powder in grams where you can use electronic scales and even kitchen scales with a precision of 100mg. Ordinary balances can also be use but when you use them make sure that you reduce the quantity to avoid overdose as such balances are never accurate. Accurate electronic balance costs you lesser than $20 and are a onetime investment.

Recommended dose of kratom powder in grams

Recommended dosage of kratom powder for increased energy and focus is 3 to 6gms. And it is 7 to 9gms for stress and anxiety relief and also for relief from pain. For withdrawing from opiates and other drugs the recommended dosage of kratom powder is about 7 to 9gms where you must repeat the dose at least three to four times a day for a period of three days. Reduce the dosage to 5gms on the fifth day and 3gms on the sixth day, finally reduce it to 2gms and gradually stop using the product.