Thursday 17 October 2019
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Why You Need a Medical ID

You should always wear an engraved medical id if you have any sort of serious or unique medical condition. Not having this information readily available for emergency responders can have tragic, and sometimes even fatal, results. Here are some of the unfortunate consequences that may occur if you have a medical condition and aren’t wearing medical identification.

Allergic Reactions

The possibility of having a life-threatening allergic reaction is one of the most critical reasons why you should wear an engraved medical id. The Food Allergy Research and Education Center estimates that 200,000 people require emergency medical attention due to allergic reactions to food. And the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America think that as many as one in twenty Americans have anaphylaxis. Again, these are life threatening situations that can be treated quickly and effectively if emergency responders are aware of your existing medical condition.

Need a Medical ID

Misdiagnosed Symptoms

Without knowing someone’s medical condition emergency response personnel run the risk of misdiagnosing symptoms. For example, if a diabetic is experiencing extremely low blood sugar levels that could be mistaken for a stroke, heart attack or any number of other medical emergencies. The best way to treat someone’s hypoglycemia (or low blood sugar) is to give them sugar. Most diabetics carry sugar tablets with them, but orange juice and apple juice are both effective too. By wearing a medical id you can help emergency responders information they need to treat you appropriately.

Unnecessary Emergency Room Visit

Another potential negative consequence of not wearing a medical id is unnecessary visits to the emergency room. If someone is experiencing an anaphylactic reaction to tree nuts or a bee sting the best course of action is to inject them with epinephrine, most commonly known as an EpiPen. Someone’s airways could close up completely by the time they arrive to a hospital when getting injected by an EpiPen can immediately stop a reaction.