Saturday 20 July 2019
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Your way out for healthy and attractive tummy

You will no longer need to hide under your clothes loose skin on your tummy post pregnancy or due to ageing. It is time now to realise your dream of a flat belly.In many cases, abdominal fat does not go away even with regular exercise and diet plan. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can be a surgical way out to get flat abdomen. The surgery removes extra fat and tightens the sagging abdominal skin. What you obtain post surgery is a healthy and attractive tummy. However, this is not a weight loss procedure. Tummy tuck is also different from liposuction, although the later can be opted alongside tummy tuck.

Who may benefit?

The surgery can be beneficial to women post pregnancy to tighten abdominal muscles. Also men and women, who have not been able to shed excess belly through exercise or diet, will benefit from this. Tummy tuck may be a solution to the stretch marks on your abdomen post pregnancy. Even loose skin due to aging can be tightened with this procedure. However, it is advisable to approach only a specialist for tummy tuck surgery.

Medically fit for surgery

For effective results you also need to be medically fit. It is a major surgery, so you have to be in good health in order to undergo it. Women who plan to get pregnant in the future should wait for tummy tuck surgery until they are done with conceiving children. The impact of the surgery may go away if you get pregnant after having undergone tummy tucked. The tightened muscles may sag again.

Healthy Weight Loss

Prepare for surgery

The patients would be asked to avoid smoking, restrict alcohol, and stop vitamins and other supplements for the surgery. Two months before, during and at least three months after the surgery patients have been advised to refrain from smoking. Smoking may cause hindrance in the regeneration of tissues. Those who want to undergo surgery would also be required to stop taking all vitamins and herbal supplements before the treatment. These supplements slow down blood clotting.

Complete or partial surgery

Tummy tuck surgery may be complete or partial depending upon your belly flabs. In complete surgery your belly button may be moved. Partial abdominoplasty is done on men and women with primary fat stores below the navel. In this case your belly button will most likely not be moved. You should also consider the appearance of scars after a tummy tuck. You can talk about this  with the doctor before the surgery. Tummy tuck Malaysia is an outpatient procedure. A tourist would need a minimum of ten days for the surgery.

After surgery, be patient for the results. Full results will be visible over a stretch of days to a few months, differing from patient to patient. Besides bruising, swelling, pain and numbness during the initial days after surgery, you would find drainage tubes attached to the wound to expel the fluid. You can ensure your tummy tuck results for a lifetime by monitoring your diet and exercising regularly.


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