Monday 19 August 2019
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Some unique ways to document a pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time where stress levels get the better of you. Coupled with the tension you can explore creative ways to track your pregnancy which is going to relax you. In hindsight it is an experience that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life.

A picture perfect scenario

Your partner could be a pregnancy photographer and this is a great way to share the arrival of a new born baby. To ensure a polished look, take photos in the same location every week. This could be in the same pose and a set of clothes to reflect the small changes that take place.

creative pregnancy album

For better pregnancy photos, you can twinge the angle a wee bit. When you take photos from top, it does reveal a different picture than a profile photo series. An interesting point to consider is your pregnant belly that could be observed from numerous angles. Another fun addition are the props. Some pregnancy trackers compare a developing baby to fruits or vegetables.

A simple thought on photos and do not hide the flaws. Some of the expectant mothers are self conscious of the stretch marks or darkening of the nipples. Formulating a creative pregnancy album would be an efficient way to capture those life changing moments.

Right words

A creative mother would love to depict the thoughts in the form of words. A few words to get started would be pregnancy cravings, How to choose the name of a baby etc.  Some mothers would love to write letters to their new born baby or in script those thoughts in a notebook. To add a visual element to them you can chip in with the favourite illustrations from a child’s book. You can search from inspirations from an old book or you could circle individual words. Poetry would be a nice value addition as well. You could then circle the other words in the book, so that a few sentences in the poetry are intact.


It is known facts that picture do convey a lot more than words. Sometimes a mere picture cannot do any justice. Say for example, if you are pregnant, the moment you are about to reveal the news to your partner, record the conversation as it would epitomize a sweet memory. It is towards in the later stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s encounter that their bellies move once the baby begins to stretch. With the naked eye it is hard to believe, so why not capture those moments in the form of a video.

Some parents who are more of a creative nature do capture slow motion of a growing baby. Some mothers may inhale a balloon from air as the belly is growing to expand.

If you are looking to make pregnancy a life change experience of sorts, then why not plan a body cast session. This project could be conducted in your home and there are varied ways by which you can plan a body cast.