Friday 19 April 2019
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Treat your muscle pulls with physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is something which is gaining popularity day by day in field of treatments. This is because here the concept is to stimulate the muscles and joints by making them more flexible and that too without any bitter tablets to gulp down.

That is why; people are banking on physiotherapy these days. The trained physiotherapists use a lot of machines to treat their patients. Ultrasound machine is one of them.  They use it for treating muscle pulls. If there is a normal and minor muscle pull, then the treatment needs not more than 5 minutes and it can be continued for a couple of days. But if it is a major injury like muscle tear or fractures then the treatment needs time. One has to follow a regular physiotherapy regime to get relief from the pain and to heal it. To know the ultrasound physiotherapy machine price one has to search the online sites.

In this particular machine, the ultra sound waves are mainly generated by the electric effect which is caused by the vibration of the crystals which the present in the top of the machine. This sound wave generates through the skin and then creates a vibration to the tissues and muscles within. It heats the local part on which the equipment is used which gives relief to the pain. Though heat is generated from the machine, it is not felt by the body on which it is used. Thus, it does not create any unnecessary sensation. Apart from releasing heat and giving relief to the pain, it also helps in other ways. It helps to keep local blood flow normal by keeping the muscles relaxed and also healing the scar tissue breakdown. As they increase the local blood flow, the swelling in the injury immediately reduces and also helps if there is a bone fracture.

The main things which can be cured by this treatment are soft tissue injuries. The heat that is sent by the machine is mainly used to treat the soft tissues. These rays are not meant to cure hard injuries. That is why; these machines that are used to generate these ultrasound rays are only useful when there is a light muscle pull or injury. There is also a particular doe of rays for particular injuries. For lighter injuries there are lighter rays and for grave injuries there are stronger rays. Whatever it is, the patient should not face any discomfort. If they feel that, then the treatment has to be altered or should be stopped immediately. These rays can also improve and helps in healing when there is a bone fracture or things like that. Of course if the fracture is severe, then only ultrasound rays will not help. For that one may has to go for other treatments and may be for surgery as well.

One can buy physiotherapy equipments online and can use them at home in their own. However, if they are not confident in using them, then they should take help from a trained physiotherapist.