Monday 22 July 2019
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Three Good Reasons to Switch to E-Cigarettes

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is an expensive habit and not only in terms of monetary costs. Tobacco cigarettes have been linked to many deadly diseases including heart disease, cancer, hypertension and they increase the risk of strokes. In addition, smoking them can also make your teeth yellow and the odour can stick to your breath, clothes and any surfaces in your home.


The Cost of Smoking

In Australia, if you smoke tobacco cigarettes, prepare to pay a high cost. A 40- pack of cigarettes currently costs just under $20, but with another sales tax hike expected, the price could soon reach $20 per pack. That cost will make buying cigarettes in Australia more expensive than in most other countries. If you smoke a pack a day, then you can easily pay $140 a week for cigarettes.

You can easily reduce the cost of smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. After the initial cost of a new e-cig set-up, a kit would be a good way to start, you will pay about $150 for a three-month supply of e-cigarettes. That reduces your cost for smoking by nearly three-fourths. If you learn to refill e-cig cartridges with e-liquid, you will be able to save even more money.

Social Acceptance

Due to the dangers of second-hand smoke, smoking is banned in many areas of the country or smoke-free areas have been established. Along with the health dangers tobacco cigarettes have for smokers, more people are trying to quit smoking and fewer young people are taking up the habit. Smoking tobacco cigarettes has become passé.

Most people do not have a problem with others when they smoke e-cigarettes because there is no harmful second-hand smoke. In addition, since e-cigs have not been linked to any serious diseases, more people are smoking them casually instead of tobacco cigarettes. In most states and territories, there are no laws against smoking e-cigs in public unless a business has their own policy against it.

Odour Issues

If you ever walked into a club where people are smoking tobacco cigarettes, you know how the smell of smoke can stick to your clothes, hair and skin. If you are a smoker, then your home will often smell like smoke, even if you cannot smell it as smoking can dull this sense. Smoking can also cause your teeth to yellow and increase the likelihood of wrinkles, especially around your mouth.

Since e-cigarettes only put out water vapour, they do not smell as bad as tobacco cigarettes. The vapour dissipates in the air and will not cling to your hair or your clothes. Also, there is nothing to make your breath smell or your teeth yellow when you smoke e-cigs.

Even though it can be difficult to obtain e-cigs in Australia, many people do enjoy vaping. As long as they either have a prescription for nicotine e-cigs in order to help them stop smoking and they are for your personal use, you can buy e-cigs and e-liquid on the Internet to enjoy.