Monday 19 August 2019
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Think before going under the knife

Plastic surgery has become the latest obsession; mainly because of the many social media websites, which plastic surgeons have started using to post videos of them performing live plastic surgery. Another reason for the rise of plastic surgery, are the celebrities, who regularly post their pictures on instagram and facebook; as a result of which a lot of people desire to be like them and hence go under the knife. So if you are also one of those who want to get a plastic surgery done and are looking for a good plastic surgery centre, then there quite a number of them,  but before actually going under the knife there are a number of things that you should learn and doubts that should be cleared.

Ask yourself

Before going for a plastic surgery there are certain questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Are you healthy to have a plastic surgery? This is one question that you should ask yourself, it is also important to show and let your plastic surgeon known your whole medical history. Hiding health problems would only increase the risk after going under the knife, so be firm and stay true to your plastic surgeon.
  • Do you know about the procedure? It is very important to know about the procedure and the result that it would have on you. You should be aware that whether the procedure is right for you or not, moreover you should also be aware of the medical name of the procedure.
  • Do you know about the risks? Every procedure has some complications associated with it so learn about the complications that you might face after the surgery.
  • What results can the surgery have? You won’t get the perfect result, there are strong chances that you might look the way you want or you might just look way too plastic. So be clear about the result that you want, don’t keep your hopes too high, and just aim to improve.
  • Are there any alternatives? Plastic surgery is not healthy so try looking for some alternatives for plastic surgery. The internet has a solution and answer to everything, in case you don’t find an appropriate alternative then go for plastic surgery.
  • How much is the surgery going to cost? Plastic surgery is one surgery which is not cheap; if you can really afford spending a huge amount then only go under the knife. In case the surgery has some negative effect then you might have to spend more. So it’s a costly affair.
  • Can you go under the knife again? In case the first surgery fails to give the desired results, then you might have to go for a revision surgery. So ask yourself if you are ready to get more than one surgery done.

Before visiting a plastic surgery clinic to see a plastic surgeon be sure to ask yourself these questions, to be more clear and sure about your decision. Self-questioning before going for a surgery is important but what is more important is to know about the various complications that can occur after a plastic surgery.

Risks after plastic surgery

  • Poor outcome- In case the surgery goes wrong then it can make one’s appearance worse than ever. This is the greatest risk for a person getting plastic surgery done.
  • Nerve damage- In some cases there can be a risk of a nerve damage, which can also be quiet serious.
  • Scarring- The biggest risk of getting a plastic surgery done is scarring, though it can be controlled but one really has to take proper care after the surgery in order to control it.
  • Infection- Getting an infection after a surgery is common, so be careful regarding your hygiene in order to lower the risk of getting an infection after a surgery.
  • Hematoma- Collection of blood after surgery outside the blood vessel is called hematoma. This can cause pain and even decrease the blood flow.
  • Blood clotting- Formation of blood clots is a common risk after any surgery not just plastic surgery.

In order to reduce the risk of these complications, it is better to choose a reputed plastic surgeon so that the surgery is performed wisely and with utmost care.