Monday 18 November 2019
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The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Marijuana And Weed This 2018

Dry herb vaporizers are not new technologies. You will be surprised at how far these vaporizers go. These tools create vapor instead of smoke. Vaporizing weed is not a millennial trend. The history of vaporizers stretches back to the medieval Middle East, especially Afghanistan. According to the history of vaporizers, the first working example is the Joseph Robinson Model in 1927.

The vaporizers for cannabis started in 1990. This originated in the city which is considered as the hotspot of marijuana; Amsterdam. Eagle Bill was the man behind this dry herb vaporizer, which became a high-demand. He developed a glass pipe where you would heat up the glass beneath a chamber so that the herb will be indirectly vaporized. 

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

If you are not familiar with vaporizing, then you might not have an idea of what these tools are for. Vaporizers are not limited to working with plant matter only. If you are not in the mood for marijuana or weed, you can use the dry herb vaporizer with concentrates. The vaporizer will heat up the weed without causing it to burn.

The Dry Herb Vaporizers Of 2018

Since the 90’s, vaporizers have come a long way. The technology was able to develop this by improving its battery life, making a capable heating system, and larger bowls for the weed. As the year passes by, more and more development has been made. So here’s a review on dry herb vaporizer that is considered the best of 2018.


The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Weed And Marijuana 

When it comes to dry herb vaporizers for weed or marijuana whether for pleasure or for medical purposes, you have 3 options to choose from: The Volcano Vaporizer, Arizer Extreme Q, and The Herbalizer. Let us go ahead and take a look at these three options:

  • Volcano Vaporizer. This is the most well-reputed vaporizer for weed and marijuana. The design of The Volcano may not be that appealing, but it when you understand what this vaporizer can do, you will think again. This is a product of Storz & Bickel and The Volcano is considered as the “king” of vaping weed.
  • Arizer Extreme Q. This vaporizer is cost-effective compared to the other options. This is the best choice for beginners. It can provide you with the same functionality of a Volcano but at a reasonable price. It has a wide range of attachment options, includes a whip for solo sessions, and has faster temperature shifts.
  • The Herbalizer. This may be one of the pricier options in the market these days, but it comes with a unique feature. It has a halogen heating system which can provide a richer vapor, giving you a more potent high compared to the other options. The warmup time of The Herbalizer is reduced and it also has fast temperature shifts.

A good vaporizer should be able to bring the weed to a certain temperature where the psychoactive substances would turn to vapor but the plant matter will remain intact. Vaporizers are somewhat similar to how ovens work.The options mentioned above are definitely worth checking out. If you want the best of 2018, these are the most preferred options for you.