Monday 19 August 2019
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How Presence Of Lead Can Harm Our Health

Nowadays, lead is one of the chemicals that are found in abundance in most of the public water supplies of the USA. Lead as you know is a very harmful chemical for human consumption and if the lead content exceeds the acceptable limit, then it can be very hazardous for the health of living beings.

How lead affects our bodies and health?

According to the chemistry experts, lead is considered to be one of the heavy metals. When it is cut fresh, then its color is slightly blue. However, after sometime, it turns into grey color, once it gets exposed to the atmospheric condition.

Lead has many different applications. It is used in the construction of buildings, solder materials, batteries, and also in water pipe supplies. Due to its easy availability, lead pipes are under usage for many long years. It is very easy to use it and also extract from its ore.

Lead is used in paints of many different colors, and especially for water supply purpose, lead pipes are very extensively used. Lead is also used for joining cast iron pipes of small diameters. The chemical symbol of lead is Pb, which is derived from Latin word Plumbum. The English word plumbing and plumber has been derived from this Latin word.

Usage of lead has been reduced due to its poisonous effect. It is considered to be slow poison. Therefore its contamination in water supply is really a matter of concern for all of us. Lead is also present in the ground. It is discharged in the environment through various industrial outlets.


Due to the presence of lead in our food or water, it may result into adverse effects on our central nervous system, kidneys, cardiovascular and immune system. Particularly for young children, it is very harmful as it can damage their brain development. Even for adults it can cause negative effect in almost every organ and particularly of our nervous system.

Long term effects of lead in adults

You may use the supply Water In Lead Testing Kit to detect the presence of lead in the water supply of your house. If the lead is exposed to adults for considerable duration of time, then it can result into following problems.

  • Weakness in the fingers
  • Nervous system problems
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Weakness in wrists and ankles
  • May cause Anemia
  • Brain or kidney damage
  • Reduction in fertility
  • Lower sperm count for both males and pregnant women
  • Miscarriage
  • Reduce cognitive capacity
  • Reproduction ability of women

What is the present status of lead usage?

Due to its various toxic effects, the usage of lead has been reduced. However, in many different industrial applications and also in many old houses, lead pipes are still used for providing water supply. Replacing them with copper pipe may take considerable amount of time and money as well.

Many people have started using reverse osmosis in their water supply, which can remove about 90 per cent of lead. Various types of water filters are in use to filter out lead from the water supply.

Author’s Bio:

This blog has been written by Stephen Tomalin. If you are interested to know about reverse osmosis and various kinds of water filters used for eliminating lead, then you may look for their website to know more details. You can test supply water in lead testing kit to determine the lead content.

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