Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Popular Anabolic steroid with minimum side effects

Winstrol also called as Winsol is a synthetic anabolic steroid that produces the more metabolizing effect on the user body. Due to this impact, the winstrol steroid burns body fat and enhance the protein synthesis that builds the muscle tissues. Mostly winstrol is available in form of pills and taking these pills also promise to increase physical strength and to make the user body more flexible. Normally, one Winstrol bottle contains 90 tablets i.e.., 50mg. Winstrol dosage must be followed as prescribed on the pack. However, Winstrol dosage schedule for men is different from dosage schedule for women.

Winstrol is mainly for those who want to gain solid, lean muscles without having to worry about long-term side effects. It could also be used by those who are refining cutting cycles and don’t want to use the needles. If you’re looking for a strong steroid that stimulates muscle buildup without causing any permanent damage to your organs than winstrol is the best choice. But these Winstrol pills are not for those who are expecting the results overnight, and it is also not for those who are taking medications for a heart condition or other serious health problems.

The main advantages of Winstrol steroid are it enhances nitrogen retention, it boosts physical strength and it accelerates protein synthesis. The other main advantage of this steroid is it works both for men and women and it is not toxic to your liver. But there are also few disadvantages associated with this steroid, few of them are: This steroid causes a slight increase in cholesterol levels and it might interact with certain medications like diabetes pills.  Even at first few days of usage of this steroid, it might result in joint discomfort.

Winstrol dosage schedule for men athletes is from the range of 50 mg to 100 mg daily. It varies for competitive bodybuilders as the dosage for them would be 100 mg per day that to be warranted for very short periods of time. And the main point is, this should only be attempted right before the competition as this will allow the competitor to reach the supreme level of hardness and increases the ability to present the best physique. In any case, if such a dose is used, due to the hepatic nature of this hormone it should not exceed the 14-day mark. Winstrol doses must range from 6-8 weeks to be optimal for results while minimizing the side-effects.

Winstrol dosage for men for cutting varies from Winstrol doses for men for athletic performance. However, for women, the dosage is regardless of the purpose.  Either it was for cutting cycle or to enhance athletic performance, female Winstrol doses will fall into the same range. This is one of the very few anabolic steroids that females can use without worrying about the unnecessary effects. But still there exist few risks if the dosage of Winstrol is not followed well. Mostly dosage of Winstrol for females will be 10 mg every other day. Some will tolerate as much as 20mg every other day, but this 20mg dosage dramatically increases your overall risks. Regardless of total dosing of Winstrol, mostly 4-5 weeks of use will be sufficient for women, with 6 weeks being the maximal time frame of use for women.