Tuesday 23 July 2019
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The Many Reasons to Consider Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures, otherwise known as vaginoplasties, are not something done just for fun and games, as they can in fact treat a wide range of medical conditions. Vaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella of procedures that can enhance, tone, and tighten the pelvic walls and more, so that a woman can receive many benefits. It is not the sole purpose of such surgeries to amplify enjoyment during intercourse, and it could be that your doctor recommends that you consider this treatment for another reason.

Causes for Surgery

There are many reasons to get a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, but some are more pressing than others, and it may be that you are not even aware of this as a treatment option for your problem. Some women choose to have this procedure done simply because they feel that they could use some additional help when enjoying time with company, but some situations can actually cause damage to or weakening of the vagina and its associated components. Knowing about these situations should make it easier to determine if you need the surgery or not.

Childbirth is a serious cause of damage to the vagina, pelvic floor, and more, and both pregnancy and labour can result in this weakening. This in turn can cause urinary incontinence, a serious problem that may cause urine to leak at inopportune moments, sudden severe urges to urinate, and significantly increased trips to the bathroom during both day and night. Vaginal rejuvenation is one way to fix this issue, although it is always recommended that procedure this be done only after you are completely finished adding children to your family.

Bladder prolapse, otherwise known as cystocele, is a serious problem that some women experience, and this is when the vaginal muscles weaken, allowing the bladder to sink into the vagina. Depending on the severity of the prolapse, you may be able to try other procedures, but a vaginoplasty is a great way to give you a more permanent solution. Not only will you no longer need to worry about a sinking bladder, but you should also feel significantly less discomfort afterward.


Although many women choose to undergo this procedure for medical reasons, it is primarily marketed as a way to reduce the natural weakening of aging. This will make intercourse and other activities significantly more enjoyable for both participants, allowing for a more complex and satisfying love life. Just as the eyes begin to show fine lines and lose their elasticity with age, the vaginal walls will do the same as women age, have children, and even exercise, and a rejuvenation may be in order to get everything back to “normal.”

Another reason why some women prefer to consider this option is if they have excessive labia, which can be reduced and fixed using such procedures. After many hours of cycling or any other activity requiring frequent movement, the labia can become chafed and swollen, and they may even begin to bleed. A reduction surgery, along with a rejuvenation of the vagina, can help a woman feel significantly reduced discomfort in a variety of situations, especially during intimate moments with a partner.