Tuesday 23 July 2019
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What are the main reasons of false pregnancy test?

 For getting positive results in pregnancy test we have tried so many times, as we are not sure about the home pregnancy test. According to the Ads, it has been proven that about 99% test is accurate in nature. The chances of 54% to 97% depend when someone has conducted this test on the first day when their period is missed.

False positive  test is  those tests  when it comes positive still you are not pregnant. These chances are very rare. The  False negative  test are those  tests when the test result  comes negative but the person is still pregnant.

Reasons when Pregnancy test false negative

There are couples of reason which state you the conditions when pregnancy test false negative when woman is actually  pregnant. It will cover down points which states

  • When the pregnancy test is done early, it will give you a negative result. HCG in your urine can be detected after 6-12 days when the fertilized egg is attached to the uterus. It is better for the person that they should move for  this test just  over  15 days from the date of the period.
  • Another reason of falling false negative pregnancy test is that when there is a high amount of HCG is present in the urine, then pregnancy ,the test cannot be detected. In this case if you are having  symptoms of pregnancy ,then you should consult your health providers.

Why a pregnancy test can be wrong?

 In some cases ,your pregnancy test can be false positive , when you are not actually pregnant ,but results show you are pregnant.There are different reasons when you find  the false positive pregnancy test. The reasons are given below

  • If the test is not done properly or you have used the kit which is expired before.
  • A result occurs due to HCG, which are left over in your urine after the miscarriage occurs. It can be due to other reasons like a tumor or pituitary gland.
  • Women who are having the symptoms of Immune deficiency syndrome ,which is due to working with animals.

It is better to repeat the test after one week. Along with that consult your Health care providers if the test. It is better for the woman to buy the kit before reading its instructions or expiry date. This will also one of the main cause when the pregnancy is wrong. The  Woman should have enough knowledge of using the kit, lack of knowledge will also lead this problem. Thus ,before buying kit some knowledge is necessary regarding the same.

 Are  medications ,providing  false positive pregnancy test?

If you have gone through any weight loss regimens or used any androgen products of athletes. Then there are more chances of false positive pregnancy test. By going through the  above tips you will become more confident of  getting the results in Home pregnancy tests . If you  are still having any doubt regarding false positive or false negative then it is better to consult  heath care providers who will help you in this matter.