Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Lisa Marie Cannon Deciphers the Causes of Insomnia

Sleeping is important. While you sleep, your body heals. For this reason, eight hours sleep is recommended by the physicians. However, there are people who are unable to sleep. They don’t get enough rest due to lack of sleep. This is a reason why some feel fatigued throughout the day. This everyone knows. However, the question here is – why people suffer from lack of sleep. What is the cause of sleeplessness or insomnia? Lisa Marie Cannon is a famous physician. She has worked with many insomnia patient to know what causes this ailment. She says when you find the cause, you can get to find the solution.

So, why do people struggle to fall asleep? Why do they wake up from sleep in the middle of the night and then never go back to sleep? Finding answers to these questions will help people find cure of the problem too. This ailment is a common one. People used to urban lifestyle suffer from this problem. However, it takes a major toll on both health and mood. Also, this affects the performance of the people. If you don’t sleep at night, you will not be able to get the energy to give your best in the working environment. For this reason, you must find the root of the problem and hit there.

Lisa Marie Cannon has found some common causes of sleeplessness. Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of sleep. These two have become constant companions of urban people. Does not matter what job people are into, it causes them to stress over. When you are stressed, you don’t get to sleep. Sometimes the insomnia gets started after a stressful event in life. This can be anything, problem at work, problem in marital life or something more complex. Frequently the problem persists even after the event is over. In such situation is becomes important that you seek doctor’s advice.


Mental health is another serious reason why people lose sleep at night. Mood disorder is one of the causes of insomnia. Mood disorder brings depression or more serious cause like bipolar disorder. These reasons don’t just go away. You need to talk to a physician experienced in treating such ailments. Ignoring sleeplessness is a habit many have. However, this ailment does not go away on its own. With time the problem increases and it gives birth to a lot of other problems. Therefore, you should treat sleeplessness carefully.

It is important to know when to talk to a doctor. Only someone experienced at treating people for a long time will be able to help you. Physical health condition also plays a great role in causing sleeplessness. People who are weak in health suffer from insomnia.

Sleep is very important for health. Without sleep your body does not get time to adjust to the hard work and the daily routine. For this reason, it does not matter what is causing the sleeplessness, you need to get immediate help from an experienced physician says Lisa Marie Cannon.

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